Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Severus visited his father three days later after the London attacks. He apparated with Lily to St. Mungos and wished her a good day. He apparated close to the Burrow and made his way to the house.

Molly let him in. "Severus good day." She looked pale and weary.

"Is something wrong Molly?" he asked politely.

"Oh nothing. This baby is causing me some nasty bouts of nausea." She wrinkled her nose.

Severus nodded. "I can brew you something." He offered. Molly looked relieved.

"Your dad is with Gus, Percy and Charlie." She said. The twins were playing with some screeching cars. Bill ran down the stairs. "Mum. I've finished my maths. They're in my bed. Can I with Mr. Snape. I want to see the tadpoles too." The boy looked at him and grinned. "Your dad is cool. He's showing the boys tadpoles and we are playing football now. Dad charmed one of my quaffle to look like one. Mr. Snape says it looks like one now. Percy doesn't understand it yet but Mr. Snape says we can leave him with the twins. He's not a baby anymore. He's three and not a baby anymore." The eldest Weasley parroted and then left when his mum opened the door.

"Tell Mr. Snape that Severus is here Molly said quietly." Molly sat down.

"Let me brew that potion for you." He said quietly.

"Oh, thank you so much." She said quite gratefully. Severus made a simple solution that was quick and safe for her. Molly drank it and looked well by the minute she was done.

Severus stayed with her in the kitchen. Dad was taking long; suddenly he remembered when he was a little boy. Tobias Snape, in the days that he wasn't drunk enough would teach his son how to play football. He forgot it for a long time but now remembered it and it brought a smile to his face.

"I think I'm going to join the boys and dad." He stood up and left for the little field behind the Burrow.

Dad was teaching Bill how to kick the ball. "Use the side of your foot." Dad instructed.

Severus approached them Gus ran to him and babbled. The four year old chattered quickly. Charlie played with the ball and so did Bill. Dad looked at him with stern eyes.

"We have to talk." He said. Severus felt nine years old again. Tobias led the boys to the house. "Gus, go play with Charlie." He said when his youngest son tried to follow them to the orchard. The boy nodded and grabbed Bill's hand. Charlie ran ahead while Bill held onto Percy and Augustus.

They walked to the orchard. "You gave me a gun." His father said with a stern tone.

"I did. You have no magic. We are under attack. This place is protected but just in case they penetrate the charms I want you to be armed." Severus gave him the firearm as he left to defend the Leaky Cauldron with Lily. It dawned on him that if death eaters managed to get inside the Burrow dad needed to have something.

"There are six children here son. Guns are not toys." His father said with a scolding tone.

Severus grabbed his dad's shoulders. "Dad, this is not a game. We are at war. People are dying. Mum died and she was a witch. I want you to be ready."

"Oh Severus." His father said with a weary tone. "You have to be careful. Arthur put on the wireless and they spoke about death eaters being rounded up last Sunday. Arthur said the ministry of magic wants more results and they are going to be more aggressive now."

He nodded, "yes, I believe so. The ministry wants results. They are being criticized by the magical folk…"

Severus spent the day at the Burrow and apparated late that night when Gussie went to sleep. "You will come Sunday." Tobias said with a strong voice. "Yes, dad." They shook hands. Molly hugged him. "Thank you Severus." She smiled and kissed his cheek.

He apparated home. Lily was on the bed, covers thrown to the floor. She wore a blue tank top and matching shorts. Severus smiled and threw his robes, jeans and grey sweater to a chair by the bathroom. He would put them in the hamper tomorrow. Lily of course would if he forgot. She was a bit of a neat freak. He spooned her and hugged her. His lover moaned and mumbled something like "love you goodnight." He kissed her cheek and closed his eyes. There was no turning back. Lily Evans was his. He had agonized for years about the prophecy, about Harry about everything and he came to the realization that it did not matter. Nothing happened the way it had last time and yet it happened at the same time. Marlene died and then he realized that maybe things had a way of not changing at all. Suddenly Lily was there and she said she did not want James and it made sense. It felt right to be with her. He had his doubts still, Augustus was alive and well but other than that nothing changed. That night when mum died and Lily came to him he realized something maybe Lily would die but this time around he would die with her if it came to it.

The summer gave away to autumn. Dumbledore recovered and kept searching for the remaining horcruxes. Severus kept his job as Potions Master for the Order and Lily worked in St. Mungos. She heard from Petunia. She was pregnant, so was Narcissa. This time she would have Draco he was sure. The Order continued their work. Lily and him worked with the marauders on a weekly basis. He avoided Potter and Black as much as he could. Pettigrew seemed twitchy and more nervous than usual. He tried legilemency but the rat would not keep eye contact long enough to get anything. Sirius Black received two serious blows that autumn. Regulus was declared dead that September and Orion Black died by later that month. His mother refused to let him attend their funerals. Lily felt bad for the mutt and tried to console him. Sirius accepted the comfort. The same could not be said for Potter who avoided Lily and openly glared at him. Lily and him spent the Christmas Holidays with the Weasleys. It was fun to see the boys play and horse around. Molly and her excellent food made the night. Fabian and Gideon were there too. Molly had put her foot down when Dumbledore suggested her brothers spend the holiday elsewhere. They were there but did not socialize with Severus much. They did not trust him much. Lily kissed him as if to prove a point or something. Molly winked at him and dad clapped him in the back. "I told you she would come around. I knew you were together." Severus laughed.

Severus gave her jewelry. Prince's jewels, Molly gasped when she saw the emerald engagement ring. He smiled and got to one knee. "Marry me Lils." He said simply.

Lily smiled and cried and nodded. She hugged him. "Yes." Arthur congratulated him and smiled happily. Molly cried. The Prewett twins were so very surprised it was comical to see their faces.

That night they went back to their flat and made love all night. He had her and she was so happy to wear the emerald and gold Prince's ring. "It is truly beautiful Sev. I love it."

She cried a little and hugged him hard. "I want to get married right away. Don't worry, nothing big. I want Tuney to be there and Remus, the Weasleys and of course your dad and Gus. I think if I ask Molly we could have it there. Remus couldn't be there then. He will understand but Tuney wouldn't be there."

"We'll figure something love." He hugged her back. He seriously doubted Petunia Dursley would attend her sister's wedding.