Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Draco loved his sisters. Lyra was so adventurous and Callista loved him. He fell in love with his baby sister too. He had hoped it was a girl too. The boy was very happy when mum wrote to tell that the baby was a girl named Oriana.

He was ecstatic to meet the baby. Dad picked him up from the station. He saw Mrs. Weasley and waved at her. He knew that the Weasleys did not have much time. Ron had said that they would leave to Romania from the train station. Draco saw a woman that must have been Neville's mum. "Draco." His dad said and smiled at him.

Draco went and hugged him. "I can't wait to meet the baby."

Dad hugged him, "Mum and uncle Sirius are waiting for us at home."

"When are we going to visit your parents?" Draco asked. He could not call them grandparents. He'd never met them before. Dad had gone a couple of times to see them but mum never went with him.

"We're staying home. Grandma's health does not allow her to have visitors." His dad said with a small smile.

"Is she going to be fine?" Draco asked delicately.

"It will not be long now." His dad replied.

Draco felt sad for his dad. "You should go there."

His father smiled. "You and your mother are so much alike. She suggested I go during boxing day for a couple of days."

The boy nodded, "you have to. You should take lots of pictures of the girls so she can have them." His father agreed.

Uncle Sirius looked happy to see him. "What did you bring me from Rio?"

His uncle laughed, "a materialistic boy. You are more Black that I thought." He waved his hands and procured a broom.

"YES" Draco yelled and grabbed the broom.

"You may try it tomorrow sweetheart." Mum kissed him in greeting.

Draco looked up, "Where are the girls?"

"They are napping." Dad said proudly.

"I want to see Oriana. I'll be quiet." Draco went up the stairs and entered the nursery. The baby looked a bit like Callista but she would have a different nose. He thought.

"She's beautiful." Draco whispered.

"She is." Dad said and lead him out the room.

Draco enjoyed dinner when his sisters tried to monopolize his attention. Lyra spoke more clearly and Callista looked so big. He was delighted to be with them. They loved him. He loved them very much too.

Mum and Uncle Sirius took the girls to sleep. Draco was about to retire to his room when dad stopped him.

"We have to talk." Dad said carefully.

Draco felt ice on his stomach. He knew this time would come. Dad was disappointed that he was a Slytherin. Draco felt conflicted. All his real friends were in Gryffindor but the Hat thought he belonged in Slytherin. Draco thought of his classmates. Goyle and Crabbe were dull but Theo and Blaise were decent blokes. He liked Blaise and Theo was quiet but smart. Gus was there too and uncle Severus was the Head of House. He liked the dungeons and his house. It would have been easier if he was in Gryffindor. He would have fit perfectly with his friends there. Draco however felt like Slytherin was the right fit for him.

He waited for his dad to speak. "Son, there is something I have been meaning to tell you. When I was a boy, younger than you something happened to me." Dad paused. "I think you know why I am sick so often."

Draco felt some relief. Draco cut him off before his dad could speak. "I know you are a werewolf. So does Lyra."

Dad made a face, "your mother and I wanted to discuss my affliction with you. Does anyone else know?"

Draco shook his head. "No one told me. I know you think it was uncle Sirius."

His father looked confused, "I suspected it was him yes. How did you know?"

The boy looked at his dad and sighed, "Uncle Sirius owled me to know more about your "furry little problem. He said his old friend, James Potter called it that. I knew you probably thought he told me about it."

His dad frowned, "I don't understand son. How did you learn about my illness?"

Draco thought back and was honest. "I remember when you came back home. I heard you and mum speaking about research. I did not know the word so I asked Dobby to bring me the dictionary and read the word for me. You disappeared during full moon every month after that. I was very scared and mum had to promise you were coming back. You would not let me see you but she swore you were in the guest room. I stayed up late when mum was pregnant with Lyra. You, uncle Sev and Sirius came back that morning and they discussed how rough the full moon was on you. They said that you were not fun as a werewolf."

His dad looked green. Draco looked at him unflinchingly. "I didn't have to ask Dobby what werewolves were. Bill told us about them. Ron and I asked him about the Forbidden Forest and he tried to scare us."

The boy smiled at him. "I have read everything about werewolves since then."

His father looked scared. Draco went and hugged him. "I don't care that you are one. I know you and uncle Sev are working on a cure. I heard him and aunt Lily talking about it before class. Dad, I don't care."

His dad hugged him back, "I did not want you to think less of me."

Draco shook his head, "I want to know how it happened."

His father told him about John Lupin and Greyback. He explained how the werewolf bit him as revenge. "I love your grandfather but he feels guilty. Our relationship has bettered throughout the years. Sadly, it became better when him and mum moved to Oregon."

Draco nodded, "You should see them. I am sure they miss you."

His father smiled, "I don't think mum has to hear for our conversation anymore."

Draco laughed, "you should tell Callista and Oriana when they are older. Maybe talk to Lyra because I tried to explain but she thinks you turn into a wolf or puppy or something."

His dad kissed his forehead. "I will."

Draco ate his favorite meal and slept easily for the break. It was good to be home. Mum doted on him. Lyra and Callista played and vied for his attention so much it was funny. He missed Harry and Ron but it was fine.

Dad left for boxing day and did not come back until the day before term resumed. Draco was dying to get to the Burrow. Ron and Harry were back from overseas and he needed to spend time with his friends. Mum let him Floo to the Burrow that day.

Ron and Harry immediately pulled him to Ron's room. Dudley was already back in school so he could not be there. "Dudley's seen it. It was a gift from James Potter. I don't know who had it before me."

"That's an invisibility cloak." Draco said excitedly and saw as Harry disappeared.

"Amazing. Let me try." Draco did and moved around the room without care. "This is wicked Harry."

They spent all the afternoon playing with the cloak. They took turns. Ginny was the only one who minded them much. She did not know about the cloak. Gus and Percy were holed up in the redhead's room. George and Fred were in their room too.

They talked about their holidays. Ron saw real dragons. Harry went to a bunch of museums. Draco told them about staying home. He did not tell them about his dad's lycanthropy. It was not his place to tell. He told them about the tree and uncle Sirius' eggnog mishap. They laughed uproariously because Sirius managed to fall down a flight of stairs while drinking eggnog. "Mum was really upset but he's fine."

Draco ate dinner and then flooed back home. He found mum hugging dad. Draco frowned, "What's happened?"

Mum looked sad. Dad wiped some tears from his face. "My parents are gone."

"I am so sorry dad. How did it happen?" Draco said genuinely.

His father sighed, "Mum is muggle as you know. She had cancer. Dad tried to hide it but it was obvious she was dying when I got there. It was quick, as if she were waiting for me to say goodbye. I told dad to come back with me. It's why I stayed longer. We buried her and then were set to come back three days ago. I woke up and noticed that dad was not up yet. I went to his room and he was cold. The muggle healer said it was a stroke. He died in his sleep. I buried him next to your grandma."

Draco hugged his dad once more. "Is there anything I can do?" Draco felt sad for his dad. "Thank you Dragon."

The boy went to bed and slept. He was tired from all the running he did at the Burrow. The next morning was hard on his dad. He looked tired. Mum actually saw him off. "Your dad needs his sleep. It will be trying for him."

Draco nodded, "I will write every week."

"Thanks sweetheart." Mum hugged him and kissed his forehead.

Draco boarded the train and found Ron and Harry in the compartment. Draco told them about the late Lupins. "Dad is devastated. He looked very tired this morning."

"Poor uncle Moony." Harry said when Hermione entered the compartment.

"Boys." She said and took out a book. Harry and Ron spoke of quidditch as did Draco for some time but then he grew bored of hearing them bicker about the teams and positions. He looked at Hermione's book and then sat by her. "I read it before. He said and read along with her. She looked annoyed but then let him read by her.

Draco did not expect to see his dad so soon after break. He walked to the potion's classroom. He forgot his book and needed to finish the homework. Hermione and Ron were still writing in the library. Harry finished hours ago. Draco had transfiguration work to finish and did not start potions until half an hour ago. He realized he did not have his book. Harry left the library. He had a headache. Ron had wanted to go back but Hermione put her foot down. "You will not finish that in the common room. You finish now. Ron had a long road ahead of him. He barely put his name and tittle. Hermione was in the third draft of her essay.

Draco entered the classroom and saw his dad, uncle Sirius and uncle Severus in the room. They were laughing. "Bottoms up."

The wizards drank. Uncle Sev and uncle Sirius drank something different. Dad drank a potion. He was sure because there was smoke and it came from a vial.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Draco strolled in.

Uncle Sirius smiled. "We're starting the research again. The Marauders are back."

Uncle Severus frowned, "I am not a Marauder."

"The Three Amigos then." Uncle Sirius intoned. Draco laughed hysterically. Dudley showed them that film last year. Dad and uncle Sev looked confused.

"You should be in your common room Mr. Malfoy." Uncle Severus said sternly.

"I forgot my book professor." Draco replied. It was implicit that none of them could call him uncle or Severus. The twins tried to call him Severus and failed miserably when he deducted twenty-five points from them. Draco was not about to lose any points.

"I will write to you and explain." Dad said and hugged him goodbye. "Your uncles and I have to go to the forest soon."

"Mum said you were going to resume the research but that was months ago." Draco said excitedly.

"Not months' son. It is only February." Dad said and gave him the potions' book. "Now, go before your professor deducts points from you."

Draco looked at uncle Severus and understood that he was annoyed. "Bye Padfoot. Good night professor."

Draco went to the library and saw Hermione and Ron arguing over the length of the essay. Draco smiled and sat by Ron. "Draco, tell Hermione that professor Snape said that eleven inches was enough."

"Tell him he said a foot." Hermione said stubbornly.

Draco gathered his things. He would let his friends argue it out. "I think he said eleven inches but a foot sounds possible too. I could not say honestly." He left them. According to Harry those two fought every second of every day. Draco had seen them argue and it was fun.

He left with a smile. "I'll finish this in my common room. Will see you tomorrow." His two friends barely noticed his absence.