Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

Severus slept alongside Lily. Tobias was off to Hogwarts that night. His other two kids were off with their significant others.

"What are a you thinking about?" Lily asked him.

"About Tobias and how he ended in Gryffindor. I thought I did better with him." He sighed.

Lily playfully punched him on the arm. "Our son is a perfectly good boy. I for one I'm happy that he is following my footsteps.

"He was so sad to leave Victoire." Severus said.

"He will get over it. Besides he is a baby." Lily continued.

"Can you believe that Ron and George are going worldwide?" Severus asked her.

"I actually can. The boys are bright and you have to admit Ron has a knack for numbers." Lily laughed.

Severus sighed, "I will give him that."

"Harry is going to bring his new girlfriend this weekend." Lily smiled.

"I thought he was going out with that Chang girl again." Severus stated. "Honestly, I cannot keep up with his girlfriends."

"I think this one is it. This is the first time he actually wants us to meet a girl." Lily kissed his chest.

"Dudley wants dad and Tuney to move with him." Severus sighed, "I don't think they should."

Lily kissed him once more, "I think is fine. He's got a great life in Spain. Greta loves them too and little Diana is such a fresh breath of air for both of them. The weather will also do Tobias wonders."

"Maybe but what if something happens." Severus asked her.

Lily smiled, "then we'll go to them and bring them back."

Severus was very reluctant to let his father live in another country. Albus died the year before. The man did not want to admit that he was a wreck but he was. Albus had been his mentor, a magical father figure. If his father moved it would take something from him.

Severus spent at least an hour with him every day. He had a lot of free time now that he finished his research on the imperious curse and that Tobias was off to Hogwarts. Harry had his auror career. Lily had St. Mungos.

"What if I take Ron's word and develop potions for him and George?" Severus said out loud.

"Hermione would be thrilled." Lily said happily. "She does not think you've warmed up to Ron yet."

Severus frowned, "we'll it is very hard to like him after what he did to Hermione."

"Sweetheart, Hermione broke up with him and that was years ago." Lily continued. "Besides, they got back together. You were at the wedding; you gave her away remember?"

"Of course I remember. Don't patronize me. I remember perfectly well. It is you who does not remember how much she cried and all the weight she lost. She could not get out of bed. I will never forgive him." He said seriously.

"You are adorably stupid." She said and hugged him. "Before I forget, Ginny and Draco sent their love. They will be in England next week. Molly will make dinner."

"Did her team win?" Severus asked.

Lily laughed, "She is not playing anymore silly. She is reporting worldwide. Molly says they have big news."

Severus smirked, "I bet she's pregnant."

Lily kissed his lips. "Sleep now." She said and rested easy on his arms. Severus fell asleep quickly.

He dreamed he was in King's Cross once more. It was all white. Severus felt scared, did this mean that he would go back.

"Hello my boy." Albus said with a smile. He looked younger, less frail, like he remembered him twenty years ago.

Severus could not help but hug him. "I saw you die last year."

"Oh yes, I remember. I was very tired." Albus said, "Let's walk."

"How are you?" Albus asked him.

"I am happy; my children are happy. I have Lily and my father is fine as well." Severus said honestly.

"Was it worth it? The second life?" Albus asked him.

Severus frowned, "don't tell me I've died again and are going back."

Albus laughed, "no, why would you think that? I just wanted to talk to you and ask you about things."

Severus kept frowning, "You are the first Albus from the other lifetime."

"I am." He said with a twinkle in his eye.

"It was. I cannot thank you enough. Please don't take me back to other lifetime." Serverus said afraid to leave Lily, Tobias, Harry and Hermione.

"Never, I have just viewed how life turned out for you in this one. You have many years ahead of you. You have yet to see all of your grandchildren be born. I just wanted to see how you were and how you turned out." The man said happily.

Severus breathed easier. "It has been hard, harder than the other lifetime at times. I have so many people that care about me and that I care about. It is painful to see them go. I was hell to lose Augustus and you but I see Lily. I gained so many more people. Remus and his children. The Weasleys and Hermione became my daughter. I am loved and I love them all so very much. It changed me Albus. I would choose this life over and over."

Albus smiled, "I am very happy for you my boy."

Severus woke up with a smile and kissed Lily's forehead. His wife stirred, "what is it?"

Lily was used to his nightmares. "I had a very nice dream. I love you Lily."

"I love you very much too Sev." She kissed him deeply and sighed. Severus fell asleep once more. This time he dreamed of his grandchildren.