Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

Harry woke up very early. His whole body hurt; his father was relentless. They trained every day from sunup to sunset.

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and used the loo. One thing about this house was that he had his own lavatory and did not have to share with Ron or Hermione. He washed his face and brushed his teeth before making it downstairs.

Mrs. Weasley made breakfast for all of them. Bill and Aunt Tuney usually helped her. Harry noticed that Ginny and Draco were already having some toast.

"Good morning sweetheart." Aunt Tuney kissed his forehead and served him sausages.

"Dudley?" Harry asked quickly.

"He left with the twins for his post." She said with false cheer. Harry nodded. They were all inducted now, even Dudley. Dumbledore had roles for all of them. Dudley could get information from the muggles without being too easily recognized. He went to school in London now. A wizard always escorted him there. The twins were more likely to do so as they also gathered information in Diagon Alley and other parts of London.

They all went out to missions, even Harry, disguised or with the invisibility cloak. They mainly helped muggleborns into hiding in plain sight, fake papers and relocations as well as wiping muggle memories. Draco and Neville had finally come into their inheritances and used Malfoy Manor and the Longbottom house as safe haven for muggleborns and blood traitors. His father was instrumental in the warding of the properties. Draco and Neville used ancient wards. It was very ingenious and ironic. Pureblood mania at its best. His father insisted that as long as Draco and Neville slept in their properties every night no one could reach it without alerting them or suffering.

It worked, the death eaters tried Malfoy Manor first. The raided it over the months but now that Draco could access the vaults and the house. His father went with him and taught him the words. That same night, there were three bodies outside the front door.

Voldemort knew they were in the manors but could not access them due to the same propaganda he spewed.

"Who do we have first?" Harry asked.

"Remus." Ginny grinned at him prettily.

Draco nodded, "We have to go now."

Harry was happy that it was Mooney first, he was lighter than Sirius or dad. "Don't be too happy. They have decided to test us all today. We are to duel in the afternoon. Draco said seriously.

Their relationship was not as good as it had been. Harry blamed him for that night. His father almost died to get Theo and him back.

Draco in turn did not like the way Harry talked about Theo. Ron usually smoothed their interactions but the tension was there. Harry did not like the way he looked at Ginny either. Harry had come to the realization that he was very attracted to the redheaded girl. Ginny always trailed after him but something changed. She did not seem as interested as she was before. He would have to talk to Hermione.

They made it to the library. Remus prepared them for their NEWTS as did aunt Narcissa and Mrs. Weasley. Sirius taught them stealth and how to hide in plain sight during missions. Kingsley and dad taught them defense while mum worked on charms.

Harry was distracted all morning and well into the afternoon. He helped his mother to the gardens. She liked to look at the flowers, "Soon, it will be too cold to be here without charms." She remarked. It was mid-October. His mum would have the baby soon.

"Your father has been in his lab all day." She kept on.

"I know. He is working on some potions he has to send the other houses. Draco is helping him. He prefers to have Draco by his side." Harry commented.

Lily shook his head, "he would rather have you but he knows that you need to be with me and your sister in case something happens. He would never forgive himself if I were alone and something happened. It's condescending honestly. He does not think I can handle myself."

"He does not want to lose you." Harry stood up for his father.

His mother laughed and kissed his hand. "You are both so alike."

Harry smiled and helped her back to the house. "He pushes you because he loves you and wants you alive after all of this."

"I will remember that the next time he stuns me into a wall." Harry mumbled.

Harry was happy when the twins and Dudley were back. "They blamed the Devon attacks on terrorists." Dudley said in greeting.

"They found Ollivander's corpse outside of his shop. Fortescue continues to be missing." Fred replied.

"Everyone got their wands from Ollivander's." Neville said somberly.

His father went up the stairs, it was surprising to see the headmaster and Moody as well. "We will all be in the ballroom. This will be an extremely realistic situation. There will be death eaters and Order of the phoenix members. We will be playing roles. You will know yours once you pull it out of this box. There will be clothes with each paper. All hexes are allowed but for the killing curse."

"What will we do?" Dudley asked.

"You will watch from a corner as will Lily and anyone else who feels it is time to leave the scene or hide. It will be perfectly fine to do so. Sometimes is best if you leave the fighting. You have to preserve life at all costs. The dead will also be there." The headmaster explained.

"The charm will extend itself as the number of people increase." His mother stated.

They all nodded and proceeded to pull out the papers from the box. Harry got "member of the Order, muggleborn, jeans, shirt and trainers."

"Do not share your roles with anyone." His father's voice called out.

Harry transfigured his shoes and proceeded to the ballroom. There were people there as well. The ballroom was in full within a few minutes. He saw Hermione dressed in robes and Mr. Weasley in black robes and then it happened, some of the black robes donned death easers masks. Mayhem broke. Harry trained his wand at the death eaters and pushed Aunt Narcissa out of the way, she was almost hit with a curse.

He saw as Fred fell. Neville in black robes also fell next to him. He saw Hermione's handiwork on a black robe that ended being Bill.

Remus and Kingsley found a death eater and Harry knew that it was his father. Ron garbed in a death eater mask fell to the side attacked by Ginny. Hermione fell when his father stunned her quickly. Harry ran and moved to the side when another death eater pushed him. It was Sirius who tried to imperio and then cruccio him. Aunt Narcissa hexed and tripped Sirius not before he cursed her too. They walked side by side back to the area with the fallen. They were all dead or seriously wounded supposedly. No one had deserted. It was increasingly hard to keep up with the other fighters. Ginny fell to his father after he injured Remus. Mr. Weasley fell while trying to help Ginny.

Mrs. Weasley then dueled with Mrs. Longbottom. Mrs. Weasley won but fell to his father. The headmaster tried to help as many people as possible. He stayed out of his father way however. Alastor fell to his father shortly. His father worked with Draco to duel Kingsley. Harry joined Kingsley and fought them now in earnest. Draco aimed at him, a stunner, it did not work. He got Hermione who now moved to other side.

Draco and him continue to fight on. Harry knew it was Draco, the mask fell off after Harry attacked him. Kingsley and his father stopped dueling and started to advise them. His father came to his side, attack to the sides. Kingsley worked with Draco and Remus left the bubble to help as well.

Harry felt all eyes on them. Now it was a matter of pride. Draco seemed to know as well. They aimed to their throats and moved away from their advisors. Sirius remarked. "He looks just like Lucius with those clothes."

It seemed to distract Draco. Harry tried to disarm him but Draco was just as fast as he was. Draco finally sliced his front but Harry sliced him as well. They were out of commission. "Good fight." Draco replied.

Harry nodded, "same." Ron came between them. "Look."

Kingsley and the Headmaster dueled with his dad. His father stunned Kingsley. Now it was only his father and the headmaster.

It was a spectacle since his father remained his death eater mask in place. It was a match to be seen. The headmaster pushed his father and then the unthinkable happened. His father aimed his wand once more and suddenly the headmaster's wand was in his father's hand.

Dumbledore laughed and took off his father's mask. "You are ready."

His father smiled and hugged him. "You let me off easy."

"My boy, I have not let you win since you were nineteen. I would never start now." The old man said. Harry grinned maybe they had a shot.

"We have to make dinner now." Mrs. Weasley said and undid the bubble charm.

Harry followed Hermione, Ron, Draco, Ginny and Neville. "It was amazing." Ginny said.

"You were amazing." Ginny said and kissed Draco on the lips.

Harry stood silent. "Oi." Ron said and pushed Draco away from Gin.

He definitely needed to talk to Hermione. Harry hid his emotions as best as he could. He spent all afternoon with them and it was clear that Ginny no longer had any interest in him. He should have acted sooner. It was painful to see.

He cornered Hermione once Ron let her out of his side. They were together as well. It was plain clear and it didn't help that Hermione did not sleep in her room but in Ron's room.

"So Gin and Draco?" Harry asked.

"You thought she would wait for you forever." Hermione stated impatiently.

Harry was cross then, "you should have told me. I am your brother." He said quickly.

Hermione looked down. "Draco loves her, you don't. Harry it is for the best. You just like her. Draco has been in love with her since he was five. There is no one else for him."

"I like her now." Harry replied.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "you sound like a three-year-old. Get over yourself. Gin is not a toy. She is over you. Harry you had many opportunities and did not take them. Draco is your best friend, let him be happy and let Gin be with someone who truly loves her."

"I see which side you are on." Harry replied.

He left the library and spent time in the garden by himself. He was jealous of Draco. He truly was and now he had Ginny.

Draco and Neville left the house and were about to apparate to their homes. "A word." Harry said to Draco.

Harry walked with him. "I know what you are going to say. You don't even like her. You like the idea of her. I love her. She likes me now." His friend began.

"You knew she liked me." Harry began.

Draco sneered, "of course I did. Everyone fucking did. You did too. You played with her for years. She was good old Gin. Ron's little sister whom you played quidditch with. She is fun, smart and a good mate. Suddenly she is pretty and you begin to like her. I stayed back but enough was enough."

Harry frowned, "you make me sound as if I was a pratt to her."

"I was so jealous but then I saw that you would not like her like I would. I am in love with hers and she knows. Some Gryffindor courage you have." Draco walked ahead.

Harry snapped and hexed him. Draco attacked back. "You stay away from her." Harry yelled.

"She isn't yours to protect." Draco yelled back.

They fought some more and Harry tried Sectumsempra. He then stopped and missed. Draco gasped. Harry stopped. "I'm sorry. What am I doing?"

"Draco, I." Harry began.

"This isn't about Gin. Just come out and say it." Draco spat.

Harry nodded, "no it isn't."

"You blame me for this. If uncle Severus had not followed me, you would not be in hiding. Don't you think I know that?" Draco said and came closer.

Harry realized at that moment how stupid this was. His family was hunted since he was a baby. "Draco I'm sorry." He said honestly.

"I'm sorry too. I should have talked to you sooner, about Theo, about Ginny. You and Ron are my best mates." Draco replied.

"I know. Let's forget this. We are good." Harry said.

"We are good." Draco said and shook his hand.

Harry went to his room and waved at Ginny good night. "I am happy for you."

Ginny smiled. "I am very happy too Harry. Thank you."