Cauldrons and Lilies

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

All he could feel was pain. He opened his eyes and the usual stark and sterile surroundings welcomed him. He was in the infirmary, no doubt after another mission spying. He could hear people talking in a nearby place.

"He is a boy. He's not even eighteen yet." He could hear a man speaking with rage. Severus stood up and stumbled a little. He was dizzy but it would not be the first time he walked through pain. He took a steadying breath and walked to the curtains. He drew them apart and saw a teenage Lily asleep in a bed next to him. She looked to be perfectly fine. "You are awake." She smiled, one of her I'm so happy smiles. He nodded. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. Do you remember what happened yesterday?"

He thought back to when he went to Gryffindor Tower and Alice told him that Lils went to look for him with the marauders. His heart leapt to his throat and he ran to the Whomping Willow. He managed to get the tree immobilized and slipped inside through the tunnel. The whole trek was painful. He kept remembering when Potter saved him in the nick of time. Was he too late? Had Lupin unwittingly bitten Lils? He pushed her aside and managed to get in front of the werewolf.

"I remember Lils." He sighed when she hugged him gently. He relished the hug.

He opened his eyes and saw Lupin Black and Potter who were in the other bed. Potter was awake and saw the scene with sadness. Lupin looked exhausted and pale, he did not have access to wolfsbane yet it seemed. "Is that your dad?" Lily asked against his neck.

Severus moved away from her and stood up. He inched close to the door and heard attentively. It could not be muggles could not see Hogwarts. The magic around the castle was ancient, deep and powerful. In his years as a teacher or student he had not see a muggleborn parent. Slytherin was not exactly known for having halfbloods or muggleborns. He was sure there were a few but he had never treated with such.

"I don't understand. You have a creature, a beast, a bloody werewolf studying with my son. You tell me that he and Lily Evans were attacked by it. No it is not bloody fine Eileen." Tobias hissed with a silky voice. Severus recognized the tone as his own. Once again he was surprised by how at times he resembled his father.

"I assure you Mr. Snape that Severus will be fine. He should wake up any moment now." The headmaster said. The young Slytherin went back to his bed and feigned sleep. Lily did the same.

"Oh Severus." His mum said; he felt when she caressed his cheek and kissed his forehead. Like a little boy he felt somewhat comforted by her actions. He felt irrational but enjoyed her touches.

"When is he going to wake up?" Tobias's voice sounded anxious. The young man felt another person hold his hand and squeeze. "That must be him." It had been years since his father willingly showed affection. He had to have been five or six the last time Tobias Snape hugged him or held him. Severus wanted the lump in his throat gone.

"What will happen to those who hurt my son?" Tobias asked his voice a little rough.

Severus heard Dumbledore sigh, "They are hurt too. They are here as is young Lily Evans."

Tobias was growing impatient. "That does not answer my question. What actions will you take as headmaster?"

"I will be writing to their parents." Albus spoke rationally. "That is not enough." Tobias said with rancor. "My son has been tortured by those boys for almost seven years. I will not sit by this, what will be next? I would like for you to expel them."

Severus almost laughed at the absurdity of it all. Tobias Snape defended him like no one else had. Last time they had sent a letter to mum and she had waved it off. The marauders got off with just a slap on the wrist.

"Remus Lupin is a fine boy. He's done nothing wrong. He was unaware of Severus's or Lily's presence." McGonagall defended.

"Tobias, Minerva is right. Look at that boy, he cannot help it love. It is not his choice."

There was a pause, thankfully Lily had not spoken and Potter chose to remain silent too. "That might be so but those other two boys knew what they were doing. You told us so."

Severus could not feign sleep anymore. "I'm fine." He grumbled when Eileen smoothed his forehead. He sat up and looked around. Mum wore robes; forest green ones. Tobias wore a suit. He must have been on his way to work. It still puzzled him that he could be here.

"We'll leave you be." The headmaster said and looked at the ceiling.

"We will revisit this conversation headmaster." Tobias kept going at it. The teachers left and Eileen drew the curtains around to give the illusion of privacy. Mother would have been more effective if she used a spell.

"Can you see the castle?" He asked immediately. His father looked on the verge of hugging him or crying. This man was such a different version from the violent, drunken and volatile man he knew.

"Not a thing. All I see are ruins and land. I keep thinking that I have to go to work. Your mum said it was the spells around the property."

Mum smiled. "We have been trying to use the Floo network for hours. The headmaster was kind enough to lift some charms and we managed for your dad to be here. He was adamant on being here with you."

"What happened?" Tobias asked with the same concern he had shown minutes ago. Severus did not want to talk about their ordeal but he knew Tobias and Mum would not let him be until they were satisfied with his account.

He spoke to them about his suspicions of Lupin being a werewolf and of looking for Lily. He left out details about Marlene and how he got to the shrieking shack. Eileen nodded and Tobias asked pertinent questions here and there. "We should speak to these people. Those boys need to be held accountable for what they did. Lily and Severus could have been killed." His father insisted.

Severus did not want to make a big fuss of things. "No." He would have loved to have this reaction during his first lifetime but now it seemed irrelevant. He had risked his life on a daily basis every day for more than three years before dying. He had been worried about Lily but she was perfectly fine. He would make sure Potter and Black paid for their stupidity. "Lupin did not know what he was doing."

"That might be so but those other two boys were very well aware of their friend's affliction. Severus, your father is correct. There should be measures taken. These boys have gone too far." Mum said in a reasonable tone.

"The headmaster will know what to do." The young Slytherin played dumb for the sake of things.

Tobias looked doubtful. "He does not seem interested in punishing them."

"It does not matter." Severus said plainly.

"I thought you would seek retribution Sev. This is not a prank. they could have killed you. Do you understand how alarming this is? They can try again. They can succeed by the look of things." Tobias said seriously.

"Well, I will adhere by the Headmaster's decisions." Severus replied with calmness. He did not see a future in pursuing any additional action against the marauders. Dumbledore would protect them. Severus was not a fool; he understood that Black and Potter were gold mines. Albus would need those two pureblood fools. Wars were costly. Potter was rich and had financed the first war. There was no indication that this would change in this lifetime. Black would come in handy too. If he was not mistaken, one of his rich uncles had left him a hefty fortune. Sirius Black's galleons would be spent between the first and second wars. Dumbledore would not risk alienating his resources. He would give them detention and speak with them.

"You will not. This is not some joke son. They should at least be suspended for the rest of the term." Tobias looked outraged by his passivity.

"I am an adult and I will not press any charges." Severus said ominously.

His father shook his head. Mum looked completely astonished. "If that is what you want son."

"It is." He then noticed that Augustus was missing.

"Where is Agustus?" He asked in part to switch the conversation and also out of concern.

"He's with Rose Evans. They know about Lily but it was extremely hard to bring them here." Mum said with complicity.

Tobias had a far away look. "It is enough job to have your dad here. I could not concentrate and lead three people here." She used her wand and Tobias recovered from his bout of inattentiveness.

The Snapes heard some noise outside and drew the curtains. An older couple sat with James Potter and Sirius Black. Another wizard sat with Remus Lupin.

The man with Lupin had to be his father. He looked just like Remus had when he last saw him but his eyes were grey and he had a beard. Dumbledore and McGonagall emerged from Madam's Pomfrey's office.

"We came as soon as we got your owl Albus." The man who had Potter's face explained.

Severus had never met the elder Potters. They died within months of each other or so he thought. James Potter had been an orphan when he married Lily.

"Charlus, it is best if we move to my office. I wish to settle this matter once and for all." The older man said with a calm and almost out of place air.

Severus felt uncomfortable. By all accounts he should be used to Albus's exasperating moods. He watched as the adults attempted to follow the headmaster.

The young man felt irrational anger. He was not about to let them rule his life once again.

"It is to my understanding that all the parties involved in the incident are of age." He said with a firm voice.

Dumbledore looked at him approvingly. "You are correct Severus."

"I am fine with whatever corrective measure you consider proper for Potter and Black. Lupin, as is Lily, is a somewhat innocent bystander." It took a lot out of the dark eyed man to admit that Lupin had been unaware of the incident.

Lyall Lupin looked relieved. "Young man, not everyone will be as understanding as you are. I am afraid that if the wizarding world knows of Remus's affliction his life will be harder than it already is."

Severus thought back when he had accidentally let it slip that Lupin was in fact a werewolf. "You have my silence."

"I have no desire to discuss this anymore."

"There will be a discussion nonetheless. All of you are adults, that is fact but there is also the remaining issue that you are enrolled in this institution." Minerva asserted with rigidity.

"As always Minerva is accurate. If you please." The headmaster led the older adults to his office. Tobias and Eileen left the infirmary.

Severus breathed a sigh of relief. Lily drew his curtains open and sat next to him. She drew the covers to them. He was painfully aware of how close they were. "I thought you would have wanted to marauders expelled." Lily said with a small voice.

"I have known about Lupin since our second year. I did not know that Potter and Black were animagi." Severus said as Lily rested her head next to his.

"Why didn't you press any charges?" She asked quietly.

"It would not have done any good. Their parents would have fought tooth and nail to keep them in Hogwarts and it would have been a long draining process." He stated trying to sound as logical and methodical as possible.

"What should I do?" Lily asked, her voice sounded far away. He realized her was tired. "Don't press charges." The teenager advised and closed his eyes.