The Calm Point of View

Chapter 11

Right after I had finished writing there was a soft knocking at my door.

When I opened it, I saw Draco with two brooms and a finger to his lips to signal silence. I followed him as quietly as I could through an unknown wing of the Manor until we arrived at a balcony covered in grass.

Draco apologized for coming so late, but he wanted to make sure his parents were asleep. While he explained he lit two lanterns with matches of all things and attached them to the brooms.

Draco says that Narcissa is quite fond of me, she enjoyed that I stood by my decisions and took control of the situation in a very dignified and Slytherin manner.

She somehow had noticed I wasn't actually angry, I think I like Narcissa.

Draco also told me that although his father didn't like being manipulated by someone so young that he would get over it.

Apparently after Draco had returned to the sitting room Mr. Malfoy tried to get Draco to explain more about me but Draco had taken a page from my book and told him half-truths, leaving out things he deemed his father didn't need to know.

Maybe my influence will be good for Draco.

The next thing I knew Draco was handing me a broom and telling me to keep up as he took off into the sky. Not wanting to get left behind I took off rather quickly. I purposely flew into a near-miss with Draco and laughing turned away last second as he swore at me.

I love flying, no purpose, no goal, just you and the broom. Up in the air, the clouds, where there are no people, no emotions, joy came so easily to me.

Eventually Draco joined in with my laughter as we played tag. Swirling, near colliding, our laughter echoed in the night sky, it was surreal.

I love flying so much!

I know I could never play quidditch despite Draco saying I would be an awesome keeper.

To add purpose to pure freedom would be to pervert the idea of pure freedom.

Draco feels that life needs a purpose and I can see him being good at quidditch because of this, but for me; all I needed was a broom.

The ability to drift, to float, to soar.

How can one put into words how wondrous pure freedom feels?

If the person you are describing it for has never felt it, then they would never know what you were talking about. Like describing music to the deaf, or color to the blind.

With so many people locked into their lives, feeling like they need to do something because society says it is wrong otherwise, they will never know freedom.

The best I can describe the feeling would be to call it joyous falling.

Your heart speeds up, you feel weightless, like you are floating but you know you are not in danger of death so you enjoy the feeling.

All you can feel is joy, no negative thoughts penetrate your mind.

I hope that the me reading this in the future has not forgotten that feeling.

Draco says he is going to gift me a nimbus for my birthday, he offered to send one for Briar as well, but I told him my brother would never use it, he prefers to swim.

Briar feels the same about swimming as I do about flying, it is freedom.

Draco says he will find one of those charms that allows someone to breathe underwater for short periods of time.

I can see Briar using that to check out the plants in the Hogwarts lake.

I think my joy was more contagious than I thought. In my few short months at Hogwarts I have never seen Draco smile like he did while we were flying.

We flew around for two or three more hours, Draco pointed out some of his favorite places to visit on the estate.

It was quite peaceful, well it was until I would choose to go into a freefall dive; this happened often.

Draco claimed I was giving him white hairs and scowled at me when I told him no one would be able to tell because they would blend in with the blonde.

Draco eventually said we should head back before a house elf decided we were missing and informed his parents.

I agreed with reluctance and followed him back to the estate.