The Calm Point of View

Chapter 64

Potter is still top of our potions class and our 'professor' has hero worship problems.

In charms we are learning aguamenti, sadly I already know it and am bored.

This year feels wrong. Tension is building everywhere just waiting for something to snap. Yet everything remains peaceful. We even have Weasel quietly starring at Hermione like a lost puppy.

Things have started to break down. Hannah Abbott, a Hufflepuff, was taken out of herbology today and told that her mother has died.

It seems so wrong to be sitting in a 'safe' classroom while a quiet war is brewing. Yet we are just kids, what could we do but die next to our families.

This weekend was a Hogsmeade trip. It was colder than normal. Even discreetly casting warming charms didn't help. It wasn't just the temperature that was cold either. People's attitudes and demeanor were cold too.

Then it got worse. Katie Bell, a Gryffindor chaser, ended up in hospital wing. She had touched a cursed necklace someone had imperiused her to bring to Hogwarts. So much for students being safe.

Draco is becoming more and more paranoid. He has stopped completing his homework, he jumps at the tiniest of things and his temper is always at the surface.

He is even more paranoid now that Bell has been moved to St. Mungo's. Always looking over his shoulders. I respect the friendship we once had so I will not look closely at his emotions, though I know he is afraid.

I feel as if my journal is growing too dark, so I shall write of the normal things. We worked on Snarfaluff Stumps in Herbology today. They have long brambled vines that they use to defend themselves.

Briar was paired with Neville and helped keep the stump from inflicting too much damage as Neville reached into the hole for pods. Neville and Briar collected the most in our class.

In charms we are learning to summon small flocks of canaries. Hermione was the only one to manage. It shouldn't upset me, but it does. Probably because I am being out done in my two best subjects. At least that is what Briar thinks. Well that and the fact that since we aren't trying to hide anymore we actually want to be recognized for our accomplishments. We want to show off how superior we were raised to be. It is not a pleasant thing to contemplate.