The Calm Point of View

Chapter 23

It has been a month since we have gotten back and I haven't seen Hermione in Potions, I didn't think she was the sort to skip.

Oh, Briar tells me she is in the hospital wing but that I shouldn't worry since she isn't petrified. All I could discover was that she drank a potion over the holidays and it had an ill effect. No one knows what it did or if she took it knowingly. For once anyone that knows anything isn't talking.

Merlin and Gods alike I am thankful today is over. I know I said I didn't care about dates but today was February 14th, also known as Saint Valentine's Day. Why celebrate a muggle holiday from a muggle religion?

Thankfully Briar was awake first and made it to the Great Hall before I did. I mention it only because it gave him time to forewarn me.

As soon as I heard I turned right around and headed back to the dorms. This confused Draco but I just told him I suddenly had no appetite and would eat tomorrow instead.

Draco, used to me not making sense, just shrugged slightly and said he would see me in class.

I wonder how Professors Snape and McGonagall have managed not to kill Lockheart yet. The fact that Dumbledore went along with this idiotic idea has lost any respect I had for the headmaster.

I am not explaining properly, apologies.

In order to 'cheer' up the students Lockheart decided to throw a Valentine's celebration. I will admit to enjoying the chocolate treats Briar sent me, as well as the one Draco brought me when he realized why I had no appetite.

It was the stupid, mushy feelings everywhere. Plus, dwarves. Seriously? Dwarves with wings? Dwarves in diapers with wings?

I think I shall brew some Willow bark tea for my headache.

Other than the dwarves constantly interrupting class, there was one highlight to the day. No, it wasn't getting a Valentine telling me that looking into my eyes was utopia and how just once they wished for me to meet their eyes back.

There was no signature and I don't plan to start looking in people's eyes anytime soon.

No, it was when I was walking with Draco and using him to shield me from both emotions and dwarves that one of those dwarves caught Potter. Potter was putting in great effort to run away too. During all this I did notice Draco pick up one of Potter's books for some reason.

Oh, quick off topic note. Pickled toads, blackboards and the dark lord. Not the most romantic combination of things out there.

Anyways, Draco was disarmed by Potter after he picked up the book, and not to be outdone by Potter again, Draco outed the littlest Weasley as the writer of Potter's Valentine.

Maybe I can convince Briar to leave a book of romantic poetry near her bed so if this happens again we won't have to hear poetry that bad ever again.

Briar says it would be easier for me since I can turn look invisible and I am female.

So, one anonymous school delivery owl it is.