The Calm Point of View

Chapter 36

That was the most interesting game of quidditch I have ever seen. Everyone was cheating, blood was flying. Potter dove at Slytherin players. Draco even grabbed at Potter's broom to stop him from getting the snitch. Of course, like any other game the commentary was quite biased, but the language used was mildly amusing. Draco was so close to catching the snitch too. If it wasn't for Potter's firebolt he would have! Potter also knocked Draco's arm out of the way last second. He was so close. At least I know the extra summer training paid off a little. More training seems needed though, he needs to work on his arm strength so that no one can bump it out of the way last second again. Everyone else should be asleep now, I will go bring Draco some tea and chocolate cake, that should help cheer him up. He did good, he deserves some praise for once.

Draco is still pouting so I have decided to ignore him and study for exams.

I am happy I studied, in charms we had to do cheering charms (which I did amazing at). Potions we had to brew a confusing concoction, Transfiguration we turned a teacup to a tortoise. My tortoise had a shell pattern reminiscent of flowers and lace, oops. For Care of Magical Creatures we had to keep a flobberworm alive for one hour. I think I want a new care teacher now. Our Astronomy exam was at midnight and we had to find certain stars. History of magic was on witch hunts and herbology was puffapods. Defense Against the Dark Arts had the most fun exam. It was an obstacle course. Grindylows, redcaps, hinkeypinks and a boggart. Oh, and then there was divination. I saved that for last for a good reason. We were supposed to see what we could in a crystal ball. So far all I have ever seen was shadowy figures I couldn't make out, but while sitting there and trying to make something up; the figures changed. I saw a dark mark floating above a forest. I think she was going to accuse me of making it up but saw the shock on my face and instead told me it was good but I should try for more details, like the type of trees. I looked back at the crystal ball and tried to squint to see if it helped. I told her it was too dark to tell but there were a lot of panicking people, for some reason this seemed to please her. I immediately told Briar who sent a letter to Grandfather with Shadow. We got a response back right away asking about the position of stars. I had to borrow a pensive, but in the end, we discovered that the event I saw will take place in summer sometime in the next five years. Sadly, telling time and year using stars in very inexact when we don't know the location. We can only assume it is in the United Kingdoms because of the use of the dark mark.

Grandfather says that we are not allowed to attend any magical events in the next five years without him until after what I have seen comes to pass. Grandfather also told us not to tell anyone, never know who works for which side or what either side will make of our prior knowledge and to be very careful of Dumbledore since Trelawney is sure to have told him.

School is never boring. This morning Professor Snape straight out told everyone that Professor Lupin is a werewolf, shame, I liked him as a teacher.

Apparently, he was running around lose on the ground last night, so that knowledge is a bit terrifying. The dementors are gone though, apparently Black was captured by Professor Snape and then he escaped again. No wonder the professor was in a foul mood.

Draco is in a bad mood too. Buckbeak got away, he thinks Hagrid freed him. I think it would be more likely that the Weasley twins freed him; it makes more sense. Hagrid is terrified of going against the ministry since he was tossed in Azkaban last year. The twins find Draco's suffering hilarious. I could definitely see them freeing Buckbeak just to irritate Draco. Briar agrees with me.

Dumbledore came to talk to me before we left for the train. Wanted to know about what I saw in the crystal ball. I told him I saw the dark mark above some trees and panicking people. I also told him it was at night and too dark to see much more. I added afterwards that without knowing the exact location I couldn't pin down when it was happening using the stars. Dumbledore laughed and told me to enjoy my summer, when I turned around I saw Briar glaring at Dumbledore. I was glad for his presence, who knows what mind tricks our headmaster would have tried if he wasn't there.

I don't know why but I don't trust Dumbledore, he seems to know everything and never be surprised by any event. Knowledge is power, never trust anyone that knows everything.

On the train and once again I am alone in a compartment with Draco, who is once again in a foul mood. Will the year ever end with Draco happy? Actually, after studying him for a bit, the anger seems to be a mask. When I asked he simply stated that he apologized before he changed the subject to the Quidditch World Cup this summer. He invites Briar and I to come with him, in our disguises of course. I told him I would love to but I have to ask Grandfather.

Thinking about what I saw, it is highly unlikely that Grandfather will let us, but I will ask anyways. I also admittedly don't want to go, but I am Draco's unofficial keeper and I honestly don't really trust his father to keep him out of trouble.

We are heading back to France, I am looking forward to the food.

Something interesting I overheard Potter telling his...uncle? Was that his godfather escaped prison and likes to check up on him to make sure he is happy. Apparently, he is now on good terms with Black, I can't help but wonder how that happened. I also can't help but question the wisdom of saying that where anyone could be listening. I hope the Weasel isn't rubbing off on him.