The Calm Point of View

Chapter 5

After waking in the medical wing, I learned that my mattress had been soaked in a sleeping draught.

I found out what I could afterwards from Draco and Briar. Apparently, Draco had been waiting for me to come to breakfast, when I didn't show he assumed I had woken up early and gone ahead. He was just getting up from the table to head to potions when someone ran into him hard.

When Draco picked himself up ready to hex whoever it was, they had disappeared and there was a note in Draco's hand.

Briar may have developed some interesting muggle sleight of hand skills while searching for me and our father when we were younger.

So, I don't know why Briar thought Draco would even read the note after being violently tossed to the ground, but he was curious and figured it might be something he could identify the person with.

Briar had known something was wrong when he couldn't feel me at all, usually we feel something, especially since I was supposed to be awake. So, he forced himself into my mind, which would normally wake me up, and he felt the plants in the sleeping draught.

The draught was something Grandfather had taught us so the combination of plants and the fact that I was sleeping told Briar what it was.

Draco told me that the note simply said "Artemis", "Sleeping Draught" and "help her". I have no idea why Briar thought Draco would do something as selfless as helping me, but he did.

Draco ran straight to the common room and straight into the girl's dorm setting off the alarms.

Quick side note, Briar says that in Gryffindor, if a boy tries to enter the girl's dorms that the stairs turn into a giant slippery slide that is impossible to climb, yet Slytherin's have an alarm. Maybe the founders thought that pureblood boys would be better behaved, or more likely that they know an alarm and the threat of embarrassment would deter them more than a slide. I wonder what they have in Ravenclaw where the students are too smart to be thwarted by a glisseo spell.

Sorry future me reading this, back on topic. Draco rushed straight through the girl's dorms and found me asleep in my robes next to my cat. He tossed water on my cat who woke with a screech and faded to somewhere.

It is funny, at least to me, that the next thing Draco did was a spell to straighten my robes and make me presentable. Once he had done that he held his breathe to pick me up off the bed and carry me to the hospital wing on the third floor.

He must be stronger than he looks, that or I need to eat more. I was informed after I awoke that I would be getting a new mattress and that next time I have trouble sleeping not to leave the draught on my nightstand where my cat can knock it over.

It appears the professors formed their own opinions as to how my mattress became soaked so thoroughly that a scourgify wouldn't clean it.

Draco of course doesn't buy it, he told me that there is no way a cat that apparates everywhere would knock anything over. I told him to drop it until after dinner when I could explain.

I wasn't able to calm down Briar as easily. I am no longer allowed to go anywhere near my bed without him checking it first. In his state of distress, I think he has forgotten that he can only detect spells and potions that use plants. I think he has also forgotten that there is so much magic in the air that a detect magic spell is useless.

When Briar started talking about getting me a foe glass I managed to convince him to get me new bed curtains instead.

That sounds completely different but I told him to get one made with plant materials so he can try and program them to only open for me or spy for him or something. Actually, being it is the girl's dorm spying is probably against school rules.

We have narrowed down that whomever is doing this is either; female, has a girl working for them, or is really good at getting past the spells. Probability states that it is the first options, but luck states it is the last option. Maybe it is some ancient family rivalry like with the Malfoys and Weasleys.