The Calm Point of View

Chapter 15

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So, I was forcefully dragged against my will to the Ravenclaw Vs. Gryffindor quidditch match earlier today because Draco insisted I wasn't to be left alone in the common room, and then for some stupid reason he sat us behind Weasley and Hermione in a mostly Gryffindor section of the stands.

Maybe he thought he was invincible with Vincent and Greg beside him.

Either way he said something stupid and ended up in a fist fight with Weasley while Neville fought Vincent and Greg at the same time.

So maybe the boy does belong in Gryffindor, I wouldn't have taken on one of those gorillas in a fist fight let alone both of them at the same time; and I know some pretty dirty fighting tricks that my father and Briar have taught me.

In the end, despite Professor Snape's efforts against the team, Potter caught the snitch and Gryffindor won. Draco got a black eye which I laughed at, told him he did a great job protecting me and something about me maybe asking Neville next time for extra protection.

Draco stopped seeking sympathy and went to the hospital wing to get his eye fixed. When he came back he proudly told me that Neville was knocked unconscious, I simply asked if he would have done so well against Greg and Vincent. Draco huffed and said they would likely knock themselves out. I smiled sweetly and said if that's what makes him feel better.

I am beginning to think Draco likes that I don't coddle him or treat him like royalty. Especially since after I said that he sat down next to me and asked what I thought of the book I was reading.

We kind of are like siblings, I wonder if Draco sees me as the sister he never had. I do know that he wouldn't spend nearly so much time with me if some stupid teacher with a grudge wasn't trying to curse all my school things.

I half regret not talking Draco with me to see Professor Snape. His hovering can be annoying but apparently, he overheard something or saw something and now he won't stop insisting that Hagrid is doing something highly illegal.

He also keeps insisting that Weasley, Potter, and Hermione know about it. He thinks Hagrid is raising a dragon. Why would the man be stupid enough to raise a dragon?

I believed all Draco's ideas about a dragon to be nothing but dragon dung until earlier today when Weasley had to go to the hospital wing for a vicious looking bite. He swears it was a dog, but how many dogs are venomous.

Draco insisted on going to borrow a book from Weasley for some reason. Apparently, it was to taunt him about knowing what really bit him.

I lectured Draco on giving away his hand without at least blackmailing the boy, he said he got more info though and refused to tell me since I doubted him, but that I should trust him when he says it will be amazing.

Okay, I admit, Gryffindor losing 150 points all in one go was amazing, and lucky since Draco lost us 50 points. I told him they would have lost the points whether he had gone out or not, Draco insisted that they only would have lost 100 because it was Neville overhearing him that caused him to be out of bed.

I just scoffed and told him to enjoy his upcoming detention; I had exams to study for.

I kind of wish that if I ever get caught and get detention that it will be a lot more boring than Draco's was. I mean centaurs and unicorn eating monsters, that is just messed up.

Exams were fun, well not the written part, but the practical. I made a pineapple tap dance. I made a mouse into a beautiful snuff box, it was even whisker free, although the inside had a bit of a fur lining...oops. Then we had the irony of remembering a forgetfulness potion.

All-in-all I was quite happy to enjoy my free time in the sun. If first years were allowed brooms then I would probably be flying right now. Laying in the sun with my feet in the lake was a good enough alternative. I can fly during the summer.

Briar had teased me about looking like a plant, roots reaching for moisture and leaves to the sun.

I retorted that he was doing the same thing somewhere else along the lake.

Actually, a lot of students were.

Even if Briar and I couldn't see each other, we would never risk being the only two doing something.

When Briar's friends and my acquaintances started to leave we reluctantly got up as well. Sitting like we had been was halfway between flying and swimming, it wasn't freedom, but it was peace.

I had finished the book Draco had given me and I was going through it again but this time adding my own little notes with a purple ink when Draco came in.

He started telling me that Quirrell had just tried to steal the philosopher's stone which had been hidden at Hogwarts and Potter's group had gone after him to stop him. There were a bunch of different defenses that the teachers set up and they had to get through them to get to Quirrell. Weasley had beat Professor McGonagall's giant chess set and Hermione had solved Professor Snape's deadly logic puzzle. Not to mention that the blessed lucky Potter had actually defeated Quirrell.

Professor Snape came and told me later that I probably didn't need to worry about curses anymore since Quirrell had been trying to do Voldemort's will.

He never did say if it was his past or present will.

Draco was relieved and finally stopped following me like a protective puppy. Strangely the female Slytherins in my year seem to like me more now, piffle.

Fickle females, there is only a week left before we leave.

When I told Briar what Snape told me he laughed and said it takes skill to hold such a strong grudge against our family after death. I couldn't help it, I laughed with him.

Since I was in the common room sitting by myself this caused a few stares but what do I care for their opinions of me.

Hermione is top of our year, Draco is second. Briar and I were high enough above average that Grandfather wouldn't be disappointed.

I think in muggle terms we are around 86 or 87%.

It is sometimes easier to think in grades as percentages, Briar and I did go to muggle schools for 5 years before our parents decided to separate us.

The final supper was decorated all Slytherin in style, at least it was before Dumbledore awarded points for doing what should have been impossible tasks.

The one that surprised me was the 10 points to Neville for standing up to his friends.

Briar said he had found Neville petrified in their common room.

Professor Dumbledore should have been in Slytherin. He purposely waited to award the most points and give Slytherin false hope. It was all very overly dramatic, and if I thought the green and silver was garish, I was wrong. Red and gold are much poorer choices when it comes to decorating, way too bold.

I don't really understand the excitement over winning or losing the house cup.

Should teachers really be pitting students against one another, if so then why the bloody speech about house co-operation and getting along with each other.

It isn't like one can put "won the house cup at Hogwarts" on a job application.

Briar laughed and told me not to overthink it or I would give myself a headache.

Well, I look forward to spending the summer with Briar and Grandfather.

I wonder what Draco will say when he realizes he missed my birthday. I can't help but smirk at this thought, I never did tell him when it was.

Briar and I agreed not to celebrate until summer so that no one would put two-and-two together and realize we were siblings. Not enough first years have their birthday in May.

Daphne is trying to get me attention, so I shall stop writing for now and enjoy the train trip home.