The Calm Point of View

Chapter 41

Today was the first challenge, all of us in Slytherin were wearing our support Cedric badges, we would of course flash them to Potter stinks whenever he was around.

So here we are in the stands when they bring out what looks like piles of stones. The people bringing them out are treating them as fragile glass, and then they bring out a dragon! A Swedish Shortsnout! The champions had to get a golden egg from amongst the dragon's eggs.

I couldn't believe that they were allowing students to participate in this. Luckily no one has died yet. If this is the first challenge then the following would only be harder.

Cedric Diggory went first against the short snout. He turned a rock into a dog to I guess distract the dragon. Unfortunately, the dragon decided to fry him anyways, but he did get the egg. Fleur Delacour went next against a Welsh Green. She did something hypnotic and put it in a trance. I learned that dragons breathe fire when they snore. I also now have a new water spell to try and learn. Third was Viktor Krum facing a Chinese Fireball. He hit it with the conjunctivitus curse between the eyes. It did work but the dragon crushed a lot of her eggs in the aftermath. Last was Potter against a Hungarian Horntail. I hate to admit it, but I actually enjoyed watching his performance. He summoned that beautiful firebolt of his and did probably the only thing he is great at, he flew. He mesmerized the dragon into flying away from the eggs. I honestly think Potter got the least amount of injuries.

Briar says they are celebrating in the common room right now. I feel like Gryffindor will take any excuse to party, I can feel Briar smiling as he tells me I am not wrong. He really just wanted to inform me that a custard cream just turned Neville into a canary. Fred and George have turned the party into a marketing campaign for their Canary Creams, 7 sickles each. This is just a strong warning never to accept any sweets from any Gryffindor that isn't my Brother.