The Calm Point of View

Chapter 62

We went to Diagon Ally today to grab our supplies, Briar also needed new robes. He is growing taller than my 165 centimetres. So not fair.

Diagon Ally was not the place it once was. Ollivander's is boarded up and although Floean Fortescue's ice cream parlor is there; he is not.

The spot of brightness was definitely Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. The sold mini puffskins, darkness powder, love potions, their special candies and an improved version of Briar's lotion.

They gave Briar a free sample of darkness powder and a mini puffskin as thanks for the lotion.

Briar has informed me that the mini purple puffskin is called a pygmy puff. He has gifted it to me for some reason, I have named it Nightshade.

That didn't last long, Shadow ate Nightshade; no more pygmy puffs for us.

Briar wrote a letter to the Weasley twins asking if pygmy puffs are poisonous to magical cats. We received a reply that said Shadow may turn purple and spontaneously combust at intervals, but no lasting effects. We could tell that they were faking being upset about their present to us being eaten, we could also tell they found it hilarious. What we couldn't tell was if they were joking about the spontaneous combustion. They did say she would be alright though, and it is rather amusing.

The tension in the air and foreboding pressure in Diagon Ally caused everyone to feel like nervous horses. It was not pleasant. I much preferred the glares I got for being Slytherin while visiting the Weasley twin's shop.

I received an unfinished letter from Draco today. Discordia delivered it. It had my name on it, and what may or may not be tear stains. No writing, it did look like it may have been crumpled. I have a feeling it was going to be incinerated when a clever owl that was worried about her master took it upon herself to deliver it. I didn't respond, He didn't want to send it. I can reel Draco's anger at himself for wanting to. I ended up giving Discordia some treats and sending her home.

Speaking of pets; Shadow did not combust, she did burp up floating purple hairballs for a week though.