The Calm Point of View

Chapter 61

We just finished packing up our house. We are moving back to our old home in the mountains. Grandfather plans to leave a duplicate here.

Briar was upset that he wouldn't be able to spend as much time with Rozenn, but Grandfather tells us that we will keep up appearances of living in Perpignan.

We are to be apparated to and from by the house elves. I think it makes the move pointless, but Grandfather says it is easier to make a quick escape this way, just in case.

We are to always keep our guard up while making it seem like we aren't. We are also to always stay together, bathrooms and showers being the only exception.

I don't know why we would have to shower there; we are supposed to come back to the mountain villa every night. We can shower when we arrive back.

Grandfather says that we will be holding our Christmas party again this year. "Gives people a sense that everything is normal even while lives are falling apart." He said.

I guess I can understand the logic. I can even understand the logic behind inviting the Malfoys again. Yes, they are death eaters but Grandfather says he expects them to decline again. Plus, if we don't invite them Grandfather believes it would move us higher up on Voldemort's kill list. Since we tend to keep to ourselves we are probably not very high on the list.

Rozenn has been given permission to apparat to our warded mountain villa in case of emergency. Grandfather even updated the wards on all his homes to allow her. He also made it so no one that isn't us four has permission to be on the property. The exception is for anyone that has a spelled invitation he has sent. That will give access to the Perpignan manor.

Cornelius Fudge has resigned as minister, Scrimgeour has replaced him. Grandfather says the man was head auror, or some other form of wizarding law enforcement. I have this feeling that a chihuahua was just replaced by a rottweiler.

All over the news muggle bridges are being destroyed, death eaters are not even trying to be subtle in their genocide. Amelia Bones, head of magical law enforcement, was brutally murdered and yet the ministry is ensuring student safety.

How can they keep us safe when they can't even keep their own safe?

They handed out pamphlets "Protecting your home and family against dark forces."

1. Don't leave home by yourself (buddy system)

2. Don't travel at night (pfffft)

3. Know shield and disillionment charms and side-along apparition.

4. Set security question so you know it is your family and not a pretender. (Briar and I always know, and no one knows Grandfather's ability. We could always ask about that or even "What am I thinking right now?")

5. Contact law enforcement if you notice strange behavior. (What is normal behavior in times of war and fear?)

not enter areas with large, floating, glowing, green skulls

7. If zombies are spotted run away and contact law enforcement.

To summarize: run, hide, call for help, pray. Merlin forbid that you try and defend yourself. What if the law enforcement that shows up is really a death eater?

We threw away our pamphlets. The only good thing we have gotten in the mail this summer is our O.W.L.s.

I received an E in Astronomy, E in Care of Magical Creatures, O in Charms, E in Defense Against the Dark Arts, A in Divination, E in Herbology, A in History of Magic, O in potions, E in Transfiguration and E in Ancient Runes.

Briar received E in Astronomy, A in Care of Magical Creatures, E in Charms, E in Defense Against the Dark Arts, E in Arithmancy, O in Herbology, E in History of Magic, O in Potions, E in Transfiguration, and A in Ancient Runes.

We also received a note from Professor Snape asking that we inform the examiner during our N.E.W.T.s that we are twins so that he doesn't have to stop them from failing us because our potions were exactly the same. He also awarded us each 10 points that will be added start of term for confusing the examiners. Sometimes I don't understand Professor Snape.