The Calm Point of View

Chapter 2

This brings me to the present, where I am sitting on a train after Grandfather dropped Briar and I off at to opposite entrances to King's Cross. Briar and I made sure we were sitting a few compartments apart as well since; "Family can be a weakness when you are young. Support each other from the shadows." Well that is what Grandfather said.

There is a brown-haired girl sitting across from me reading "Hogwarts: A History" as if it were a religious text. Next to her is a nervous mousey boy who apparently misplaced his toad. Briar somehow managed to charm his way into a compartment with some older students that were sorted into Hufflepuff. They are on the quidditch team and apparently Grandfather forgot to mention that most pure-bloods worship the bloody sport. It would have been nice to have some knowledge on the subject before coming to school so as not to appear ignorant.

I looked at the brown-haired girl across from me, she seemed to have a lot of books on her person. I politely asked her if she had a book on quidditch and she pulled several large tomes out of her bag before handing me one of the thankfully smaller ones titled, "Quidditch Through the Ages." As a thank you I bought her and the nervous boy some treats from the trolley before promising to return the book by the end of the trip.

I skimmed through the book as quick as I could and relayed anything of importance to Briar. When I returned the book, I could tell that the poor girl was puzzled. I explained that my brother had asked me to find out about the sport and I didn't want to wait until I got to school to learn what I could. This was apparently the wrong thing to say. The girl had concluded I was a kindred soul and launched herself into a myriad of all the books she had read and all the interesting things she had learned. Eventually I did manage to stop her long enough to introduce myself, this was also apparently the wrong thing to say as she then launched herself into how my name originate from the Greek goddess of moon and hunt. This was followed by how her name, Hermione, come from some long dead muggle playwright named Shakespeare. I have now learned that if I need to know any miniscule factoid of information that I should ask her before trying to find it on my own. I believe that she will probably be sorted into Ravenclaw. During all this the boy didn't say much, I could tell he was still worried about his toad. When I got the chance, I told him it would turn up eventually; all magical pets do. I explained how I didn't even know where my cat was right now but how I knew she would turn up eventually like she always does. This led to a conversation about how my brother and I had bewitched some catnip to be more potent in order to try and lure her home. The boy introduced himself as Neville and was asking me about the effects of the enhanced catnip. Our conversation eventually turned to other magical muggle plants, Hermione joining in, and what we could use these 'common' plants for. Briar spent more time listening in on my conversation then he did paying attention to his own.

We had almost arrived when Hermione decided to help Neville try to find his toad again. I told them I would stay and guard our compartment for them. They both thanked me and I changed into my school robes. Briar sighed over the loss of engaging conversation before returning to talk of quidditch. Hermione and Neville may never know, but there was a fourth person in our conversation adding things through me.

Since I didn't really feel like learning more about quidditch I decided to write up most of the events so far followed by staring out the window and figuring out which house I would be in. Neville would probably be in Hufflepuff. I didn't think Briar of myself were quite intelligent enough to be Ravenclaws, and we were only loyal to each other, so that took Hufflepuff out of the running. The problem is that Gryffindor and Slytherin were so similar. Both valued pride and talent, Gryffindor preferred bravery and Slytherin preferred cunning. Slytherin also only accepted purebloods. We weren't cowards and we liked to think we were cunning, but did that make us so? I guess I would find out when the sorting actually happened, I just hoped they kept Briar with mother's last name. It would be more difficult to keep our relationship a secret if we had the same last names.