The Calm Point of View

Chapter 48

It is now mid-August and I feel as if summer went by too quickly. Briar and I have spent every free moment practicing defensive spells. So that is to say every moment that Rozenn was not visiting. I do believe that my twin is quite smitten. I like her too, but only as a friend. I am fairly sure I am interested in males, I don't know for sure though. Rozenn saw that as twins, Briar and I need each other and was never upset in the slightest by my following along.

We did receive some strange looks around town when the three of us went out to lunch, but Rozenn was very good at not noticing them.

We just returned from Diagon Ally and I cannot say that I am pleased with our new defense book. Lockheart's books seemed more useful than these. Nowhere did I see any mention of practical application of spells.

Grandfather only glanced at the book and said that it was a good thing Briar and I already know our defense spells. He also said that since he believes we can now protect ourselves that there is no longer a need to pretend not to know each other at school.

We will probably continue to keep to our own houses but it will be nice to meet up and actually talk when one of us needs it.

Us being allowed to know each other turned out to be quite good since no one Briar usually sat with seemed to be on the train, so Briar just shared with me. Eventually due to space Daphne, Milli and Theo ended up joining us.

We were 30 minutes into our journey when Theo finally asked why a Gryffindor was willing to sit with us. I smiled very sweetly; which made Theo back away from me as much as he could; and I told him that my twin could sit with us if he really wanted to.

It was comical to watch the three other Slytherins look between Briar and I a few times before Daphne smiled at Briar and said that of course my twin brother would be welcome to sit with us. She then apologized for never seeing the resemblance before. Briar politely introduced himself and explained that we had kept it secret on purpose, even Draco had only recently discovered who he was.

The rest of the journey was quite pleasant, Milli did ask Briar if he was single though. Briar, ever the charmer, took one of her hands and told Milli that she almost made him wish he was before he politely kissed the back of it. Before anyone could respond he added how pleased he was that she was wearing skin cream he had made. I then mentioned that I had also gifted Daphne some and the discussion turned to the cream. Poor Theo felt left out, at least until Briar offered him a jar of the flowery scented cream. I don't think I have ever seen three Slytherins laugh so cheerfully before.

As we went to get off the train Briar managed to spot Neville with some plant and Briar wanted a better look at it. After he left Theo made sure to tell me that my brother was actually alright for a lion.

While in the carriages we ended up discussing the large black dog we had seen on the platform. It looked like a grim and none of us could figure out how the muggles didn't notice, they couldn't all be that stupid. We never did come to a solid conclusion on that.

At the opening feast Draco told all of us that Potter had a trial for using underaged magic on his cousin and claiming it was dementors. I am pretty sure most of us understood that it was dementors and the ministry had probably lost control of them. We also discovered that Draco and Pansy were prefects this year. Other house prefects include Weasel, Hermione, Anthony Goldstein, Padma Patil, Ernie Macmillan and Hannah Abbott. I could really care less but Pansy insisted we know who they are.

Sadly, the feast hadn't even ended yet and Draco was abusing his badge; who's brilliant idea was it to make Draco prefect. Theo would probably have been a better choice, so would have Daphne. Watching Draco bully people made me feel like he was mimicking his father; the Draco I know is going to die under this persona.

I remember looking towards the teacher's table to distract myself and feeling great relief when I spotted Professor Grubby-Plank instead of Hagrid. I also recall confusion at the large pink smudge of a toad among all the black. Pansy claimed it was actually a great colour, but better when used as an accent rather than the main. She must have learned from her mistake with the Yule gown.

I was interrupted from my examination of the pink professor by the sorting hats song. This year it sang about how it believed sorting students was wrong. It sang about how sorting causes rivalry and distrust, instead of friendship and bonds. I really liked this song.

It was after the feast and Dumbledore was about to announce when quidditch try-outs would be held when he suddenly stopped mid-sentence. We were all confused but then heard the soft sound of the new Defense teacher clearing her throat. I may not respect Dumbledore, but his speeches are usually short and Pink Prof could have waited until he was done. It is rude to interrupt and doubly so to interrupt the host on his own lands. Teachers are supposed to show a united front backing Dumbledore.

I opened myself up to the feelings of the teacher's table and it was easy to tell that they had a united dislike of Umbridge. There were a few important things to note from her long speech though. First, she works for the ministry. Second, she talked down to us in a manner to make us believe she doesn't think herself above us when she really does. She is probably a Slytherin. Thirdly and last, she plans to make as many changes as she can get away with.

When I asked Briar his thoughts I found out he had tuned out and was discussing Neville's new plant. It is a Mimbulus Mimbletonia and shoots stink sap as a form of defense. I can't help but think how awesome a prank that could make.

There is a lot to think about and the year has just barely begun.

Briar plans to share my identity with Neville tonight so I am waiting on Briar to tell me the reaction. I am writing at this hour only because I am nervous. The sorting hat made me believe that something is coming.

Worse than Voldemort will be the splitting of the houses. I will not fight Briar, nor will he fight me.

It is a matter of who will end up becoming the house outcast because of this.

Briar says he has to post-pone telling Neville due to a war in his dorm room. It all started because someone's mother refused to believe Voldemort is back and is instead believing the drivel in the Prophet.

Denial is just people hiding from what they fear, believing that if you can't see it that it can't see you and therefore will cause you no harm. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

Briar says that instead of stepping in and letting his opinions be known, he walked back to the common room.

The splitting has already begun and we shall stay as far out of it as long as we can.

Oh, Briar says the Weasley twins are taking test volunteers for their pranks, I wish there was a way I could sign-up Draco.

I miss my friend, but at least now I have Briar.