The Calm Point of View

Chapter 34

Today was the Gryffindor Vs. Ravenclaw quidditch match. I actually went to watch this one. I was hoping that dementors would descend on the match again, sadly that never happened, but I was entertained. When the match started I discovered that Potter had a firebolt. The first half of the match was me complaining that Briar never told me, to which he replied that he thought Potter was using a school broom since his nimbus was destroyed.

The first half was also me trying to figure out ways to borrow it. The best I has was getting Briar to borrow it and "bullying" him into letting me use it. The second idea was that I would offer a pouch of galleons as a deposit until I brought it back and I would try to make sure the pouch held enough to buy a new broom in case I didn't bring it back. Briar liked my second idea better.

Then we got the unexpected end-game show as three dementors came onto the field instead of flying over it and Potter produced a wispy patronus at them only to discover it was Draco, Greg, Vincent and Marcus. Marcus was older but almost the same breed of Slytherin as Greg and Vincent. I would bet almost anything that Draco was the mastermind behind this prank. And it was a stupid prank; Potter looked cool, Draco lost 50 points, Gryffindor won. All he accomplished was getting people to hate Slytherins more than they already do. I sighed when I realized I was sitting mostly with Ravenclaw and hoped none of them noticed which house I was in. Briar noticed of course and came over to "congratulate" Ravenclaw on a game well played as I snuck away. It was a really brilliant strategy, checking Potter.

Briar says that Gryffindor are having a celebratory party. I wish him the best of luck with sleeping. He says he will just share my mind and let his body rest until he hears the dorm room door open.

It is a couple hours before dawn now. Black was in Gryffindor tower. If Neville wasn't Briar's friend then I would seriously hex him for writing down the passwords and leaving them laying around. The castle is once again being searched, but I doubt anyone will find him. Not unless the Weasley twins give up their secrets. Briar says that they seem to know almost every passage in the school. In all honesty Black probably does as well. Draco says that Black, Older Potter and their group were notorious trouble makers when they were in school with his father.

It is odd. Black, a murderer, was in the sleeping quarters, with a knife. Yet no one is dead. I am thankful, really, but it doesn't feel right. Why did he run away from a terrified Weasley brat? Why go after Weasley's bed at all, he had time to look at the beds. Potter's would have had his glasses on the nightstand. Could Black really be after Weasley for some reason?

Briar is now pondering this as well. He overheard Fred and George whispering that before Black escaped he was heard to be whispering, "He's at Hogwarts."

This is also something to ponder. Black kept track of the days on his cell wall, Black knew that Potter would go to Hogwarts and as his godfather, Black knows how old Potter is; so why start muttering only now, 2 years late?

Briar thinks we should look at Daily Prophets from this summer because we didn't keep track of them and the paper is one of the only "pleasures" Azkaban will sometimes allow inmates.

This has spurred our decision to subscribe to the gossip rag since something in there obviously caused Black to need to escape. Who knows, perhaps the pointless drivel would be worth it for the small grains of knowledge we would gain. In the very least we shall learn what the cattle of humanity believe. Maybe I shall finally understand Pansy.

The Weasel is an idiot, if that wasn't obvious before. He is suddenly more famous, or infamous, than Potter, but instead of following his friends example and shying away from the attention; Weasel is embracing it, just drinking in the attention. He has skill as a story teller though, embellishing all the details to turn a two second event take ten minutes in the telling.

Briar has taken to walking out of any room the Weasel enters when he has a choice. You can only listen to the same story so many times. The Weasel's story telling isn't helping poor Neville any either. Neville has been forbidden from being told the password to enter Gryffindor tower. Briar goes out to let him in if he sees Neville isn't in bed yet. The howler Neville received from his Gran didn't help much either, poor Neville.