The Calm Point of View

Chapter 42

Draco seemed to be even more upset today. I was in his rooms trying to get him to tell me something; I think he likes Hermione but is torn between what he was brainwashed, I mean what he was raised to think and what he is feeling. I had finally started to wear him down slightly, he was laying on his bed looking at the ceiling while I sat on what I think was Theo's bed. I just know it wasn't Greg's or Vincent's, and Blaise's bed had a mirror on the nightstand. Then Pansy just waltzed in without even noticing me and forced herself onto Draco. She was wearing something so low cut I am not sure that many males would resist her. I left quietly as she was forcing her lips onto Draco's, maybe it would cheer him up. If he really didn't like it he was more than strong enough to push her away.

This next entry is probably going to be rather long, but I need to remember it perfectly.

First off, I was wrong, I should have coughed or thrown something at Pansy when she had attacked Draco a couple of nights ago. The next morning, she was bragging to everyone about how she made out with Draco Malfoy, I even caught Daphne rolling her eyes at Pansy. Though none of this is really that important.

Last night I told Draco he owed me for covering and I had decided to collect and he had better tell me what was wrong. He still refused saying it was too big for just one favour. I made him follow me to an empty classroom. He said that he still refused to tell me anything. I responded by letting him know he didn't have to tell me anything. I ignored his questioning eyebrow and told him about my ability and how I can tell what others feel. How I can bend light to make shield or turn invisible. While he was still openly staring at me I added that if he would let me I would only have to look into his eyes and I would feel everything he was feeling just as intensely as he was feeling it. Draco nodded his consent.

When I looked into his grey eyes I felt regret, hatred, love, self-loathing, disgust. It was a well-mixed pool of emotions. When I released his gaze, he explained. I was right, he did like Hermione, he had even managed to tell her. They have been secretly trying to be friends since the beginning of the year, he admitted to only starting to like her after she punched him.

He regrets every time he has called her names, but he can't help himself. He is saying and reacting before he truly thinks about what he is doing. He acts the way he is expected to, but he can't act the way she wants him to. He feels hatred towards Pansy for spreading what she did. Self-loathing for being a prejudiced prick and disgust because he was weak-willed and didn't push Pansy off.

I looked at him and asked him to stay in that room and wait for me to return. Then I went in search of the Gryffindor common room. A tiny Gryffindor told me to return to the dungeons where I belonged when I asked to see Hermione. I am surprised he didn't demand to know how I even knew where their tower was. That was when Briar came out and informed the brat that it was up to Hermione if she wanted to hear out a snake, the boy went to bed apparently while Briar went to get Hermione.

Problems arose when she was in her room, so I went and sat behind a curtain in order to ride along with Briar. It was my job to keep him and whatever he was doing invisible while he convinced some creeper vines to carry him up the stairs. Strange how easy it is to defeat spell, all one needs is a broom, well maybe not, the stairs are fairly winding. Maybe Potter could do it, but not many.

Briar politely knocked on the door before opening it to thankfully find Hermione alone. She was surprised to see a boy get past the spells. Briar shrugged and said he had some help, but it was important that he see her alone. She was quite curious and he explained that his twin Slytherin sister would like to meet with her to discuss something private. Of course, she asked who I was. He told her and promised I meant her no harm. She agreed because I am apparently the only Slytherin that isn't cruel to people. Not necessarily true, but I will accept the compliment.

Briar than picked her up with a quick mention about being quiet and repeated the process of getting him up only in reverse. Creep vines are powerful plants. When they reached the entrance, I returned to myself in order to meet them. I greeted Hermione politely and asked her to follow me to an empty classroom so that I may tell her something in confidence before we arrive at our intended destination. It was here that I told her of my told her of my abilities. She wanted to ask more questions but I interrupted and told her there was a time limit.

I then asked if I had her permission to share Draco's feelings with her, I honestly think she only agreed because she needed to know if he had been lying to her or not. When I looked in her eyes to transfer Draco's feelings I managed to receive hers in exchange. Hatred, confusion, insecurity, so much insecurity, and a small hint in the belief of love.

I could piece together that she had only just started to believe in Draco when Pansy blew it. His constant insults didn't help. Hermione didn't need any explanation to understand Draco's emotions and just demanded that I take her to him.

Instead I told her which classroom I left him in. I didn't follow, they needed to talk privately and I was in bad shape. Briar came to help me to the hospital wing where I ended up vomiting.

For timeline purposes I will write what Draco told me later.

He and Hermione talked and realized that they wouldn't even work out as friends right now, something about neither being able to make the other feel less insecure. They agreed to be less than friends and swore to never hex each other to death; or at least something similar. When Hermione left for Gryffindor tower, Briar entered the classroom to talk with Draco.

Briar explained that he was my brother and that I was currently resting in the hospital wing where he was not allowed to visit me. Draco was a bit upset by this but Briar explained it as after having both Draco's and Hermione's emotions I was just as likely to punch him as I was to kiss him or vomit on him. Not to worry though because Briar would make sure Draco knew when it was safe to visit.

Briar decided to inform him by cocooning Draco in plants and getting Shadow to wake him up to deliver a note. Draco mentioned that even though he was initially terrified, he at least understands a bit more about Briar's plant obsession. He also admits that if he could make plants move he would probably obsess over them too.