The Calm Point of View

Chapter 77

We shall not be returning home for Easter.

It was selfish of us to go home for Christmas, we are needed here more than I would have thought.

Since Lovegood was taken, Longbottom has gotten reckless. He is always in detention now. They actually tried to take his gran in order to control Neville. She put Dawlish in St. Mungo's.

The Quibbler is now printing that Potter is undesirable #1, just like the Prophet.

Briar is in the Hospital Wing. Briar. My brother. MY twin!

It was Alecto Carrow. Theo will not let me leave the common room until my eyes 'stop scaring the sixth years.'

Briar has yet to regain consciousness.

His pain, my pain. I screamed. It was agony.

Only Briar was physically hurt. Crucio.

He did not nod his head in respect to her. She waited until his back was to her.

I need to find Amycus.

Theo stopped me again. He will not allow me to act like them.

He is right. I am not a Gryffindor. I have an icy temper. I do not burn like fire, I chill like ice.

Theo let me leave. I am quite happy with my results.

I found both Carrow twins together. I calmly walked into their office without knocking or announcing my intentions. I projected my icy anger outward so even they could feel it, the imbeciles that they are.

I remember asking how they dared. I asked it a few times, repeating it like a mantra.

They didn't understand. I asked how they dared to torture my brother.

That was when they attacked me. I never took out my wand. Every spell they cast was deflected by my shields.

Then they finally began to doubt, to fear my anger.

I think I asked how they, Carrows, ever presumed themselves to be better than a Tranquillitas, or even a Willowbirch when they were barely fit to run our lowest errands.

I may have also implied threat. It was more like me saying it was nice to see that they could understand before I turned to walk gracefully away.

I am now sitting in the chair next to Briar's bed. I cast some of my own healing charms.

I am quite tired now, acting pure-blood is hard. I don't dare sleep until I know Briar is okay.

Artemis, you; dear sister; still do not understand how to control your own emotions. You fell asleep so I am letting you know that I am indeed well, or well enough. I am quite pleased that Theodore managed to stop you. We are not yet far enough in our plans to have you torture a Carrow into a coma. We shall discuss this on the morrow when we both shall wake.

I did wake before Briar, so I am happy he left a note in my open journal. He has to stay for monitoring a few more days.

Neville brought Briar all his school books so that today Briar could observe all the classes through me.

Our Dark Arts class was rather pleasant today. I made sure to sit right at the front. Amycus kept glancing at me. I never broke eye contact.

Briar mentioned that by the end of the class almost everyone was looking at me. Some with awe, some with fear, and some with just thoughtful expressions.

Strangely it was mostly Slytherins that looked at me with fear.

Theo explained that I reminded him of Narcissa Malfoy. Poised, cold, and deadly.

I think he was complimenting me. It does explain the looks.

Normally I am calm and don't show any emotion, or if I do it is a smile. Some believe I was sorted wrong, others believe I am not really pure-blooded. To see me show my calculated emotion must have been a shock. I don't think the Gryffindors know what to think of the pure-blood Slytherin acting against the Carrows.

A few of our other teachers have gifted Briar some "Get Well Soon" gifts after yesterday. Strangely the cards read things like, "Thank you", or "Keep up the good work." I believe it is because the Carrows didn't torture anyone yesterday.

Today Alecto has been taking her anger out on students. Milli has had to train a fifth and a sixth year to help her out. She has had to appropriate another secret corridor for a field hospital.

A Hufflepuff I didn't know approached me and asked me whose side I am on. I gave her answer a bit of thought since I figure she was asking for more than herself.

I think my answer confused her. I started by saying I was on my own side.

She frowned at this, but I continued.

"My own, my brother's, my family's. Whichever side will allow me to protect what I care about best."

I do not want to send those I care about to fight. I do not want to torture. I side with neither the light or the dark. I am grey.

It is liberating to realize, though Briar does cause me to lean a bit more towards the light. I don't mind. I know that if we had to we would both join the death eaters to take them down from inside if it means we would stay alive.