The Calm Point of View

Chapter 32

We arrived in Perpignan earlier today. Briar and I have to disguise ourselves as blonde twins again this winter. Grandfather has also informed us that we will be holding out 5th annual Christmas Ball at the manor.

Briar and I started to question our memory before Grandfather went on to explain that he managed to use the town's strange belief that they have known Briar and I for years. Grandfather just sent out and invitation that read fifth annual and people started making things up and pretending they had been invited at least once before. Grandfather may also have written that this is the first time he plans to invite more than a couple of witches and wizards at once.

It isn't technically a lie, Grandfather usually has Briar and I practice some ballroom dancing over Christmas holidays.

He has also been going around town disillusioned and listening to what lies people have been spreading and has been basing the Christmas plans around them so as to make the lies appear like truth. He also invited the Malfoy's. Their invitation held an apology note saying that if he had known they owned the manor next to ours then he would have invited them sooner.

We received an owl two days later from Narcissa regretfully declining since she is also throwing a ball this Christmas. As most of her attendees will be adults, Draco will be attending our ball to represent the Malfoys.

Two later, Discordia popped into our manor with Draco's reply. He is honoured to be invited and looked forward to not being stuck in a ballroom with too many adults and Pansy. His letter continued on to say that unfortunately Pansy would be coming with him as her family was staying with his for the holidays.

My response letter was just a question mark. Moments later Draco's response came. Moments! Why don't more owls learn to teleport? It is effective and instant, especially if one doesn't have access to a floo. Back on topic, Draco said his parents were considering Pansy for an agreement with him but were unhappy with her after the first day. He has no idea why but figures they must have overheard her somewhere when they weren't supposed to be around as she was always the perfect pureblood when she knew they were near. Draco added on as a foot note that it was this reason that he has started spending more time with his parents. I laughed then reread the last bit of Draco's letter which seemed more hastily written. It seems as if Pansy came in and lectured Draco because he still hadn't finished his response letter and something about him putting it off for two days. Turns out he put it off in hopes he wouldn't have to bring her and because he hoped we would receive his mother's letter first. Draco also mentioned that Discordia has orders to actually fly back as he does not want Pansy to know Discordia can teleport.

At the bottom I can almost hear the muffled irritation as he wrote he would be flooing over on the 23rd with Pansy and that if luck happens she will go to the wrong manor.

I responded with an invite to floo over anytime he needed to escape. Briar and I aren't dropping our disguises and Grandfather said the invite will help add to our illusion. I can't help but wonder if Grandfather will eventually tell us what he is up to or if he wants us to figure it out.