The Calm Point of View

Chapter 68

Things just flipped to 'worst'.

I woke up to find the halls of Hogwarts filled with destroyed portraits and blood. Plus, the dark mark was spotted above the astronomy tower.

Not only has Draco vanished, but so too has Professor Snape. They say in rumours that Professor Snape killed Dumbledore.

The school has shut down, not literally, but mentally. Dumbledore's phoenix sang one of the most beautiful and sad songs in existence. It must be hard for them to live forever.

Lessons have been cancelled, exams postponed, Madame Maxime is wandering around. Greg and Vince are directionless puppets.

There was a funeral with a stone white table and a pyre. Yet I mostly remember standing next to Briar, looking at all the living ghosts and realizing that is was probably Draco that had been supposed to kill Dumbledore, that Draco had been meant to fail.

Since it had been done; the captured death eaters would soon be free of Azkaban.

I also remember not feeling sad. I had successfully blocked out everyone else's emotions. I hadn't cared for Dumbledore, but I had at one point cared about Draco. Some power-hungry immortal want-a-be had manipulated my old friend and was manipulating this war. This man was involving children as young as five, if not younger, and I felt, no, I FEEL determined!

I will fight to survive and to protect those I hold dear. I may not rush the lines like a foolhardy Gryffindor, but I will stand strong! I know Briar feels as I do.

It is no longer time to be children.