The Calm Point of View

Chapter 79

I must do my best to detail everything as accurate as I am able.

I remember telling Daphne just before we went to sleep that the air felt alive.

We were later awoken by Slughorn. He bid us to gather quickly in the Great Hall.

I remember grabbing several defensive items for no more reason than a feeling.

Looking around the Great Hall, the Carrows were absent and Professor McGonagall seemed to be in charge. I also recall how stupid I believed all the inquiries about Snape's whereabouts were.

War had reached the castle. If we were 17 or older we were allowed to choose to fight.

What I will never forget is how Voldemort's voice echoed through the castle, through our very minds. I remember understanding for the first time why many fear him.

Professor McGonagall had been explaining how Snape had ran and how the castle was protected when Voldemort Spoke.

"I know you are preparing to fight." He told us he did not wish harm on any of us and that he knew he would be the victor. We had until midnight to surrender Potter.

Then Pansy panicked. She said we should give Potter up.

It was a beautiful thing to see all the houses rise up and point their wands at Pansy.

Her outburst got all Slytherins escorted from the castle though. Most didn't want to stay and fight anyway, for it was not the Slytherin way; it would have nice to at least have an option. I would have stayed if Briar had wanted to fight.

We evacuated the school through a tunnel that led to the Hog's Head of all places.

All the adults went to fight, leaving the students to fend for themselves. The older Slytherins left to find their parents and join Voldemort.

Draco, Greg, and Vince were all missing and Theo didn't want to go.

I made him and told him that this way he wouldn't be tortured if Potter managed to lose.

As the only 'of age' Slytherin left, a lot of students were glaring at me, at least they were until Briar came towards me with a very large mirror and asked if I was up for trying to invent a scrying spell.

I grinned and answered "Always."

We, well, we saw the dead. Fred Weasley and Professor Lupin were two that I recognized.

I cried.

I liked Fred.

It was not for his death I cried. It was for the loss of innocence.

How many students had died?

Then it was quiet. Voldemort giving everyone time to rethink. Giving time for Potter to give himself up.

It was just after midnight when Voldemort could be heard again.

Potter was dead.

The scrying spell began to waver and a gasp went through our assorted group. Someone put a hand on my shoulder and told me sharply that I needed to focus. They were relying on me to keep them all informed.

Briar was helping too, but he just helped supply the needed energy I think. I don't think I could have done it alone.

Neville Longbottom tried fighting and they forced the sorting hat on his head before they lit him on fire. The battle turned at that point.

Centaurs, house-elves, giants. Anything that could fight, did. I even think some of the older students watching the mirror had gone to help fight.

Neville was an inspiration, he broke free of the spells and chopped the head off of Voldemort's snake.

Potter resurfaced from somewhere and Neville later told us that Potter revealed Professor Snape's true self to everyone. Apparently, he was always a spy for the order even when they weren't aware of it.

Then, just like that, the battle was over. One could almost claim that Voldemort killed himself.

Everyone gathered around the mirror dispersed to tell others the outcome. I am happy they did, for the next thing I saw in the mirror was the carnage and the dead before we managed to break the spell.

Not including death eaters, Briar and I counted at least 30, it was not a happy sight.

Briar turned the petrified roses we had given out a bright vibrant Gryffindor red. Theo would understand, even if the others did not.

The absent Slytherins came back slowly and carefully to Hogsmeade to make it as if they never truly left. It was as if they had just gone to hide in the further shops.

Briar and I borrowed a couple of brooms in order to fly back and see what help we could give to the injured or dying.