The Calm Point of View

Chapter 45

Pansy actually shared her copy of witch weekly with Hermione today, she barely even shares with Daphne, so I was a little confused until Professor Snape read the magazine out loud. Even I have to admit that it sounded more hilarious this way. I am even sure that some of Gryffindor would have laughed if it didn't ruin the whole "Pride and Loyalty" image.

I have never seen any one person get as many owls as Hermione did this morning. Briar said that it was all hate mail from Potter and Krum fans. Briar also said that the last one she opened was filled with undiluted bubertuber pus, which would explain why she ran from the hall. Briar wanted to warn her but wasn't sure how he could have without letting Potter and Weasel know about his ability; she opened it before he had come to a decision.

Later as I was following behind the other Slytherin girls on our way to Care of Magical Creatures, Pansy decided to ask Potter, loudly, if Hermione was upset because he had broken up with her. I only find this important to mention since a niffler tried to violently rip Pansy's watch from her wrist. I believe that is called Karma, or maybe stupidity. Who wears an expensive watch to care of magical creatures? Even Draco takes off his rings for this class.

Ron's niffler found the most gold and won him a large block of Honeyduke's chocolate. The most amusing thing though had to have been watching Greg try to steal leprechaun gold. Everyone knows that leprechaun gold eventually vanishes, and he is from a rich pureblood family, why would he even need the gold?

It is almost time for the third task. Draco has been sneaking off to see Skeeter a lot. Greg and Vince usually go with him to keep watch. I have been invited a couple times, but I always asked what the fun in it was. Draco never managed to give a decent answer, so I never went.

Briar is reporting something growing quickly in the quidditch field. He keeps getting distracted by how loudly it is growing. If I have learned anything from my brother it is that most plants grow silently, so it has to be magically grown.

I also find it strange that Briar cannot actually identify the type of plant it is. We have never encountered anything like it along any of our travels over the world, we need to travel more.

The third task is to make their way to the centre of a 20-foot-high maze and retrieve the trophy. Briar found it already, he would have been a master at this competition.

I am quite happy I brought along my journal. I am currently starring at a wall of green leaves with no way of knowing what is happening inside. Oh look, red sparks. That means someone is in trouble. Briar thinks it is Fleur because she couldn't handle the grindylows. Briar also heard Hagrid say that the remaining blast-ended skrewts are in the maze and they are apparently humongous.

Oh look, more red sparks. I hope it is Potter, but with our luck it is probably Diggory.

Briar was right about Fleur, she appears to have been stunned by someone. That doesn't seem fair, who told them they could resort to Slytherin tactics?

I was wrong, Krum was the next to be pulled out of the maze, also stunned. So, was it Potter or Diggory? Neither seems the type; actually, Krum doesn't seem the type either.

Maybe their nerves were on edge and they stunned each other? Wait, who would send up sparks then?

Now I know I am bored if I am writing down questions without thinking through the answers first.

Muggles would at least have a screen showing what was going on as it switched between different hidden camera views.

Potter just appeared with an unconscious Diggory.

Correction, Diggory is not alive.

People are panicking now, a few are sobbing, some are accusing others. I don't know how to feel. This is a new situation for me, I have never talked to Diggory before, nor have I ever associated with any of his family or friends. I see no reason to cry. Were we not warned that people tend to die in this tournament? I see no reason to be surprised. I also see no reason to be accusing Potter. He seems to be crying and refusing to hand over the body.

Oh, I guess he just didn't want to hand it over to anyone other than Diggory's father, that was nice.

I also don't understand this panic, everyone dies eventually.

Briar is telling me there are whispers that Voldemort is back, I guess that explains the panic.

I think I shall continue to calmly sit and write as I people watch.

Moody just dragged Potter away, odd and out of character.

The rumours of Voldemort's return has finally reached my peers. This has made my people watching more interesting. Unlike the blind panic seen in other students and adults, I see smiles and concern. Both tinted with traces of fear, but none of it pure fear. I should probably put away my journal for now.

We stayed where we were in the stands until the teachers ushered us out of the stands and ordered us to return to our common rooms. Sometimes I guess that there are no winners.