The Calm Point of View

Chapter 76

Grandfather cast a disillusionment charm on the car as soon as we were all inside. As far as I could tell, people saw a red sports car with a young brunette woman driving instead of an old man with three young adults in a black SUV.

No one spoke until we were three hours into the drive. If I haven't mentioned before, the drive is approximately 13 hours without magic. This was the first time I even remember us using the ferry. Normally we are at the manor in 3 hours.

Briar was the first to break the silence when he asked Grandfather what was happening that we weren't being told about.

Grandfather told us that all borders had been sealed against magical transport. The 'dark lord' does not wish any pure-bloods to escape his influence.

This Christmas is one of learning more than one of giving. We know several more healing spells, many of our own invention. Theo also learned how to bottle hope. He has made it into a scent. It works quite a bit better than our infused chocolates.

Our biggest breakthrough came while we were dueling. Theo threw a spell I didn't recognize and I wasn't sure how to counter or what shield I should use. My shield became a fluid thing. Briar and Grandfather described it as "breaking apart and slashing the spell to pieces"

Then Grandfather started throwing random spells at me with no warning until I could recreate the effect. I am quite exhausted now.

Another breakthrough! Briar caused hyper growth in seeds and manipulated their genetic make-up to harden them, and with my help cause them to bend light. We made Theo a robe with hood that helps shield him and distort his image so he cannot be recognized as Theodore Nott.

Theo is now pouting about how he wants to make something cool, apparently aromatic hope isn't cool enough.

Rozenn is making sure we remember to relax and not wear ourselves thin.

Today is Christmas, albeit barely as it is currently one in the morning. I am currently on the roof. Briar knows where I am.

I am not allowed to go flying. It makes sense that I should not feel free for even a moment as it may cause me to lower my guard, Merlin do I ever miss it.

I cannot help but look at the stars and recall my Christmas six years ago. Flying with Draco, sneaking out without his parent's knowledge, his smile of pure joy. I have never seen Draco smile like that again.


I am crying.

Crying for his lost childhood.

I am crying for Potter's lost childhood.

I am crying for the stupidity of this war.

I am crying in anger.

Anger at men who bring children into a war as pawns to manipulate.

Briar and Theo have joined me on the roof.

Briar gave me a hug and told me that this is why we are fighting.

Theo didn't fully understand, but he knew the anger he saw was a reflection of his own. He added that we fight to not lose who we are.

Sunrise found the three of us on the roof. Grandfather complimented Theo on his warming charm before he lectured us on how irresponsible it was.

Grandfather understood though. He eyes gave hints to his own stress. He is worried not for himself but for Briar and I. We are of age and he cannot keep us forever sheltered.

The train ride back was a good place to test Theo's hope fragrance. He even has a more flowery smelling one for women.

We have learned that the batches need to be diluted. Too much hope is terrifying and causes people to giggle madly.

Theo managed to develop a charm to detect house and if a person is a member of the staff from around a corner, he figured out the last bit he needed while on the train.

The bad new starts again.

Michael Corner was caught releasing a first year that had been strung up.

Corner was tortured for an excruciating amount of time.