The Calm Point of View

Chapter 33

I have decided that wizards only use their imaginations while telling lies. Apparently one-year grandfather had a living dragon ice sculpture that breathed flames of ice. Another wizard has claimed we actually had it lightly snow during one song, okay that one is easy to replicate, but then we have colour changing wreathes and enchanted mistletoe. Oh, and the singing holly berries.

Briar and I are busy decorating with enchanted plants, correction, Briar is decorating, I am following him around brewing the drinks in several different floating cauldrons. Grandfather wanted us to stick close together so that the drinks are absolutely perfect. I have butterbeer in the pewter cauldron, pumpkin juice in a glass cauldron, some fire whiskey infused fruity thing in a brass cauldron, and our own concoctions in the silver and gold cauldrons. The alcoholic drink in the silver and the non-alcoholic in the gold. Each cauldron has a house elf to keep the fire lit and moving as well as to keep the cauldrons floating. When I have perfected the drinks, the assigned elf will take the cauldron to the kitchen where they will replicate the recipe on the night of the ball.

I am not sure where most of the elves came from, last I checked we only owned 3, maybe there is a place you can borrow elves from for large events?

Anyways, it is the 21st today but Grandfather wants everything to be perfect. He has me trying to figure out how to charm the ice statue alive. Problem is that he hasn't told me what is being charmed yet, Briar thinks it is going to be a thestral. Grandfather also wants to know if Briar can make a multiple coloured plant grow to be the perfect replica of a Christmas tree while having it cycle through the colours.

Since Briar is tired I lectured Grandfather for him. Briar had already grown a ton of plants for the decorations, If Grandfather wants a colour-changing tree than he could cut one down and charm it himself. Grandfather laughed and said it was good to see me show anger before he brought in a large tree decorated in faeries.

The party is tomorrow but I have already received the best present ever! Pansy's face when she realized she had arrived at Ares and Gemini's Christmas Party. It was even better when Draco greeted us in French and we responded in the same language. Briar even made to look at her and ask how she was, knowing full well that she didn't understand him. For his part he made himself look hurt and ask Draco why his friend was ignoring him. In English Draco bluntly asked "You don't speak French, Pans?" In her defense, she does speak other languages quite well, just not French.

In order to keep up appearances I had to get Pansy two presents. One from me, Artemis, and one from me, Gemini. Draco would also be getting two presents for the same reason. Although Draco's present from Gemini had an extra little note in French saying that the gift was only to annoy Pansy and to destroy the note so she couldn't translate it later. Tomorrow will be a lot of fun.

Today...well yesterday really, was fun. I am not going to list all the presents because it would take forever, but I gave Milli and Daph the lotion as promised. Hopefully delivered to proper places by Shadow. I gave Draco a large bag of the calming candies, which he found hilarious, and Gemini gave him a turquoise bowtie, in response to his quizzical look I told him in heavily accented English that it matched my ball dress. He then looked at the note and laughed lightly before disposing of the note in the fireplace. Draco does love a manipulative prank, and this one would hopefully make Pansy cling to him less. Ares gave Draco a chain with a small rose in a vial, Draco looked at Briar and mentioned that Briar had to work on his plant obsession before asking what would happen if he tossed this one on the ground. Poor Pansy looked absolutely horrified that Draco would joke about destroying a gift from the host, and even more horrified when Briar answered that it should entangle an opponent with vines and may start a lovely rain of rose petals. Pansy made sure to open her present from Briar last after that. From me she got a study planner, and from blonde me she received a red bracelet to match the dress she was wearing. From Draco she got a bag of Berti Botts, and from Briar she got a mini potted rose bush.

Draco gave Briar a kit for collecting and preserving underwater plants. Judging by Briar's face, if Draco was female he would have asked him to marry him right then and there. Not knowing her host well Pansy got Briar a book on quidditch and some chocolate frogs. My present for Briar was a collection of posters featuring models all posing provocatively with exotic plants. I think Pansy was shocked that a sister would get such a gift for her brother and once again more surprised when Briar told the models to go away so he could get a better view of the plants. Poor Pansy was having a bad morning. Briar wanted to know why I didn't get him posters of just the plants. I explained that he could use the models to reposition the plants in order to examine all the angles. He was happy that I thought of that because he swears he never would have.

Draco got me a mood ring. I thanked him profusely in French and hugged him before putting it on. Seems he had heard about my boggart and this was his way of telling me not to be afraid. I would have to wear it on a necklace out of sight when school started again so Pansy wouldn't notice. Pansy gave me a lovely host gift consisting of chocolate frogs and a rose. I think Briar enjoyed the rose more than I did though. Pansy got Artemis me a "Complete Makeover Kit for the Fashionably challenged". Shadow delivered that present to my bedroom; she gets extra treats for that. Briar gave me a Camellia Sinensis plant, which when mixed with bergamot oil makes earl grey tea. It is rather pretty, going from purple to blue...and this was just presents. Next was breakfast.

It was quite fun as well since whenever Draco would say anything in French to me; even if it was "pass the pumpkin juice"; he would use his body language to make it seem like he was flirting with me. I returned the favour since it was all for the prank.

After breakfast we had to help Grandfather with last minute decorating and apologized to Draco and Pansy but asked them to send a house elf if the needed anything.

Draco read the book Briar had received from Pansy, while she explored and snooped through the manor. After I finished animating the sculpture of two threstals pulling a sleigh, I went to find Pansy so we could get ready together. I followed her around for 30 minutes while invisible before I realized she had lost track of time while looking at all the paintings. I made sure to approach her from the side so as not to scare her. We actually had a lovely discussion about the paintings while we prepared for the ball, who knew she secretly had an intellectual side.

The ball was lovely. I entered with Briar and we were closely followed by Grandfather where we welcomed all our guests as a whole. I danced a lot with Draco but also with all the local boys. I danced once with Briar when he decided one of the local boys was dancing too close. He seemed to have convinced Draco to keep cutting into all my dances in exchange for him dancing with Pansy. They had to have made this deal while getting ready, because I can't remember being away from Briar long enough at any other time.

So yes, yesterday was amazing and my feet hurt and when Draco went home with Pansy we did that kiss on each cheek and agreed to write often or something like that to annoy and hopefully dissuade Pansy. Briar the ever-perfect host kissed her hand goodbye.

Discordia showed up just before I started writing with a letter from Draco saying that it was fun to flirt to annoy Pansy but he never wants to do it again because it felt wrong. Like hugging his Aunt Bella when he was one had felt wrong. I responded that he felt like a brother to me too and not to worry about it since it was definitely wrong feeling to me too. I finished by stating that if we were done being Hufflepuffs, that I would like to finish cleaning up before bed. I got one last response calling me a liar because he knows Grandfather hired house elves for the week to do the clean-up. Sadly, he is right.

Unfortunately, it is currently 3am and I would like to get some flying in tomorrow, well today, so I think I am done writing for tonight.