The Calm Point of View

Chapter 70

As Briar and I went to leave King's Cross we realized that Theo just sort of stood looking lost. Briar went to get Grandfather's permission and I went back to grab Theo.

He didn't want to go back to an empty manor; didn't want to go back knowing his father would be released and have expectations.

Briar returned and informed Theo that he was invited to stay the summer with us on the condition that he allows himself to be put to sleep so as not to know where we are living.

Theo agreed with no hesitation, and because he did so Grandfather told Theo he was allowed to stay awake for the trip if he so chose.

Theo still managed to fall asleep, poor bloke is exhausted. All his planning and counter-planning, his stress, it had all gotten to him.

It is nice to know Theo feels safe and relaxed enough with us to sleep.

Theo discovered our library, we have to send elves to remind him to eat. At first, I thought he was escaping reality through fantasy until I found him reading up on defensive spells and battle tactics.

He was serious about protecting the younger students. I handed him some books on wandless healing but never said a thing about it.

We are getting the Prophet delivered to our home in France. Rozenn brings it to us here every morning.

There was an article written by our muggle studies teacher encouraging people to marry muggles to help increase population. What are we? Pure-bred trick ponies?

Love is a wonderful thing, just look at Briar and Rozenn, but many muggles will react negatively to witches and wizards.

There are many cases of muggles needing to have their memories wiped and Hogwarts students with only one parent.

I plan to marry whoever I want, or maybe no one at all. Briar will be around to continue our family line.

Briar has told me to just burn the article and to shove away this train of thought and refocus on the present.

The aforementioned Professor has now retired abruptly. There was also an article on Dumbledore by on Elphia Doge painting the man to be a saint. He was old in my opinion and with age comes wisdom, but I don't believe the man to have been a saint.

Rita Skeeter appears to be publishing a book about the true life of Albus Dumbledore. Not sure how much truth there is to be had. She will have probably used back-handed methods and won't mind embellishing the truth in order to make a better story.

Briar and now Theo tell me it is pointless to keep reading the paper. They are right. I shall join Theo in the library. Maybe Grandfather will let us use a spare room to practice in.