The Calm Point of View

Chapter 24

It has been a peaceful few weeks, but currently Briar is furious.

Someone ripped apart Potter's trunk and things are strewn everywhere. I should clarify that Briar isn't upset that someone went through Potter's things. He is upset because whoever did it tossed apart Potter's potion kit. So many ingredients were ruined.

I think this summer we need to work on not treating every plant, dead or alive, as if it is his first-born child.

Today was the Gryffindor Vs. Hufflepuff quidditch match. I went to the library so that Draco wouldn't drag me to watch. I was actually writing up the earlier entry when I noticed Hermione in the library.

This is only strange because she never misses one of Potter's games. She even sat across from me for a bit since I was in the section she needed. It was obvious she was researching something.

I remember seeing her light up like a lantern and, much to my surprise, ripping a page out of a book. She jumped up and ran up to a Ravenclaw prefect.

The girl had a mirror and that seemed to be Hermione's main point of interest.

I had actually gotten up to follow them out of the library and head back to the dungeon when I felt an overwhelming desire to kill. At the same moment I was no longer able to feel any emotions at all from Hermione or the pretty Ravenclaw.

I froze, right there in the doorway. I was scared. Whatever had just happened could have easily happened to me as well. I stood there, I don't know how long until the killing emotion was gone. Then I screamed. Screamed for Madame Prince. Screamed for anyone. I ran towards where I last 'felt' them.

They were both thankfully only petrified.

The mirror was lying at their feet. I just stood at stared at them, only vaguely aware of Madame Prince running to grab Madame Pomfrey. I think she was worried for me.

It was Professor Snape that shoved a vial of something nasty under my nose.

When later asked how I managed to scream before I was able to see the girls I remember saying I heard the mirror drop and the talking stop and that I felt a heavy aura. I said that it weighed on me and I could feel the killing intent. I mentioned that I hoped the two girls were just frozen in fear like I was, but the talking never resumed, the footsteps never resumed. It terrified me more, and I screamed. I didn't really think at all, just acted.

Professor Snape took me to his office and snuck Briar in. Thankfully my thoughtful twin brought me a cup of extra strong calming tea. We didn't say anything, he just hugged me or held my hand while I drank. Briar was aware of my emotions just as much as I was but didn't know how to help me until Professor Snape came to collect him for 'loitering in the dungeons.'

Professor Snape eventually escorted me back to the common room with assurances that Professor McGonagall would escort Briar back to his.

When I entered the common room, I was hugged not just by Draco but also Daphne, Theo, Blaise Vincent and Greg. Pansy was apparently sleeping.

All of them had thought I was the one petrified since I had gone to the library. I explained it was Hermione Granger and a Ravenclaw that Briar had informed me is Penelope Clearwater.

Draco told me later that he was worried since he knew my parents were squibs. Everyone else assumed I was hit because I was walking to close to the mudblood.

I informed Draco that he is the only one that knows about my parents. He just smiled slightly and said that was good.