The Calm Point of View

Chapter 26

After Grandfather picked us up he told us we are going to France this summer.

He didn't explain why.

It is odd since Grandfather hates people.

Briar and I silently discussed things on the way. Grandfather chose to drive us the whole way.

All that we could speculate was that Grandfather accidently cursed his mansion again or that he wanted us to leave a false trail away from our actual home.

When we arrived, Grandfather told us to disguise ourselves, since he did nothing to his own appearance Briar and I concluded that it was the latter option.

Shadow has already made herself at home like the spoiled cat she is. We discovered her curled up in front of the front sitting room fireplace with a pile of parcels. Some were from Neville, some from Draco and some from Grandfather.

Neville had gifted Briar a book on rare magical plants and for "Briar's mysterious sister" Neville gifted a book on charms to keep things hidden and other useful household charms. Draco gave Briar some swim goggles charmed to allow one to see in the murkiest water and gave me a broom polishing kit. Grandfather gifted us a book on learning the complexities of the French language.

Briar and I know basic French but it appears that Grandfather plans for us to be here awhile.

The name of the city is Perpignan, we found out last week while exploring. It is an old city from the 10th century. That was all I cared to find out about the history, we won't be here forever and we aren't even really in the city anyway. We live past the edge of town and closer to the small forest. Grandfather has quite a few notice-me-not charms and muggle repellants on the area behind the house. None on the house itself though. None of that matters because I can go flying, there is even a small lake so Briar can swim.

We do have a long walk to get into town though. Grandfather says there is a wizarding community in town that we could floo to, but he doesn't trust anyone enough so we are not allowed.

Using Briar's mesmerizing scent abilities has been fun, we can't use it to get a ride into town. People have to be within a 3 metre radius for it to really catch. The person also has to be able to give what Briar wants. It doesn't work if Briar only wants something to test to see if he can get it, he has to actually want it or want it for me.

We plan to see if we can get people to dance later this week.

Well, we can make people dance. We cannot decide how long they dance for or the type of dance. It almost appears to make people believe they are listening to their favorite dancing tune.

Apparently, I have a unique laugh. I don't remember what Briar said to make me laugh, but I was laughing loudly and happily at something. Then I heard a confused voice call my name almost as a question.

I turned quickly to look at the voice and briefly saw Briar eat something secretly and there was Draco behind us looking at the two of us with wide eyes.

Briar decided to talk while I got over my shock. He talked with a fairly deep voice to my surprise. He told me just now that the plant he ate changed it. Leave him to be overly prepared like that.

Briar said it was a pleasant surprise to run into someone from school and that Draco could call him Ares for now. He then went on to apologize that we couldn't drop the glamour, but it was our Grandfather that had cast them.

Let's ignore the fact that it wasn't a glamour and that we ourselves had done it.

Anyways, at that point Narcissa came around the corner to see what was keeping Draco and we ended up having a lovely conversation.

The Malfoy family is staying at a manor not far from our own. Briar told me to go have fun and that we can resume our shopping later. He really meant training since I do not remember us needing to do any shopping.

I thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and decided this was a perfect opportunity to help Draco improve at quidditch.

Briar decided to meet come with me as an escort after we returned briefly home to inform Grandfather.

Narcissa introduced us to Mr. Malfoy as Ares and Gemini. Thankfully he didn't really acknowledge us and just told us to go play in the forest.

I remember Draco being really surprised that Briar could fly well since he doesn't enjoy it. Briar responded with quidditch tips for Draco.

Surprisingly Draco actually listened and his game has improved quite a bit. Now if we can break him of his obsession with Potter then Slytherin may have a chance of winning a game.