The Calm Point of View

Chapter 38

I am ignoring Draco. He is bragging about the tri-wizard tournament coming to Hogwarts and about the World Cup. Apparently Durmstrang and Beaubaxon students will be coming to Hogwarts as well. Draco almost went to Durmstrang, but Narcissa didn't want him going so far away or something.

The people in the next compartment are discussing the World Cup, so of course Draco is going to wander over and be the centre of attention. I think I shall stay right where I am.

Well he wasn't gone long at all, apparently Weasley has the world's ugliest dress robes, all maroon and lace, if Draco is to be believed.

In the carriage now; weather is horrid. I made a shield to repel water for myself and Briar, it seems to work well enough, but the real test will be going from the carriages to the castle. I hope the first years don't drown going across the lake in those boats, though it would make for an interesting start to the year.

Even better than the first years drowning; in the entrance hall Peeves was throwing water balloons at everyone. While she was running to try and stop him, Professor McGonagall slipped in a puddle and instead of falling tried to catch herself on Hermione's neck. I felt bad for Hermione but I couldn't help but laugh at the comical situation. I think that seeing me laugh broke Draco a little; not fair, I have learned basic emotions. Maybe I should tell him, but it is more amusing not to.

When I looked around the hall the only people that weren't drenched were Briar, myself, Draco, Pansy and Daphne who had walked close enough to me to stay dry.

When the first years entered there was one tiny one wearing what could only be Hagrid's coat. He fell in the lake and the squid pushed him back in the boat, that was nice of it. This kid seems to be the only first year in high spirits, it is rather terrifying.

There were only two new Slytherins this year; Graham Pritchard and Malcom Duddock. This year they may need to combine all four houses to make a class out of them for the first years.

It was strange to see so little students, but then again there wasn't a defense teacher either.

'Professor' Moody arrived after the sorting, I can't explain it but I don't trust him. Like a cat near a dog with all of its fur standing on end; that's how I felt. The feeling intensified when his magical eye pointed towards the Slytherin table.

Dumbledore announced the tri-wizard tournament and one of the Weasley twins yelled out in disbelief, for some reason this caused Dumbledore to start telling a joke before Professor McGonagall stopped him.

The champion selection will take place on Halloween, so just like every other year something will probably happen to ruin my happy mood. Oh and no one under 17 will be able to compete. Fred and George Weasley are extremely upset by this and Draco is complaining to everyone that it is a shame about the age limit since he would surely be chosen otherwise.

Pansy is hanging off his every word but I know he is actually happy that now he won't be expected to enter.

I have taken to carrying my journal with me everywhere to keep it safe. It also allows me to write in it whenever I please, which is nice.

Draco received a box of cakes and other sweets from home today, I wonder how many I can steal without him noticing...

We had divination first thing this morning followed by care of magical creatures with the Gryffs. I am not entirely sure what a blast-ended skrewt is, but Briar and I agree if we see them in the wild we should probably kill them quickly.

After lunch we had charms and transfiguration.

It has been an interesting week. First our new 'professor' is in the papers with Mr. Weasley defending him as he wakes the neighbourhood with enchanted dustbins. Then Draco tries to hex Potter while his back is turned which results in Moody turning Draco into a ferret and bouncing him up and down. I was debating if I could get away with hexing him when Professor McGonagall came and put a stop to it. Draco tried to retreat buts was disorientated and looked more like he was running away. I waited outside of Professor Snape's office so I could make sure Draco was alright. He seems to think Moody is going to ambush him.

Then in potions Neville melted a cauldron, but instead of his usual reaction, Professor Snape gave him detention and almost yelled. Professor Snape never loses his cool demeanor, he must have been in a very bad mood.

Finally, to finish off the weirdness of the week, we were taught the unforgivable curses in Defense. Imperius, Cruciatus, and Avada Kavada. Moody demonstrated each curse on a spider.

That was a very quiet class, most of us knew the reality of these curses, more than we would care to admit. It didn't help that Moody kept singling out students whose families had a dark past. Briar says that most of Gryffindor thought the class was entertaining and amusing. They are all stupid and naive.

Today Moody put the Imperious curse one us. I was able to completely resist. Briar says it is because I am used to having too many emotions that are not my own. He is probably right. I knew instantly that the too vague and happy feeling wasn't my own and disregarded it. Moody was unimpressed that he was actually impressed with our progress. Most of the Slytherins were able to partially resist the curse. No one wanted to mention that it was because most had experienced the curse being cast on them before.

Nothing interesting really happened this last month. We worked on Goblin Rebellions in History of Magic, we turned hedgehogs into pincushions in transfiguration. In charms we worked on summoning and in potions we worked on antidotes. Professor Snape says he may poison us to test that our antidotes work. Oh, and Hermione has created some house elf rights group called spew. She has been trying to get people to buy her badges for 2 sickles each and has been bothering everyone in the common room except Briar. Pheromones are an awesome ability.