The Calm Point of View

Chapter 53

Apparently, I missed something interesting again. Draco insulted Potter's mother as well as the Weasley twins' mother and then he got badly beaten. The three Gryffs were banned from quidditch for life while Draco was sent to the hospital wing. I feel it important to note that it is impossible to ban them for life. What if they decide to go professional? I also don't fully regret getting to miss Draco get himself beaten up.

Shae was in the library. He apologized again for the way his friends were during yule. He also mentioned being happy that my current boyfriend had no hard feelings. I was a little confused until I realized he was referring to Briar. I could just picture the look on Briar's face if he had heard, and probably the face he is making now as he reads. I couldn't stop myself from laughing. I explained to him that Briar was my twin brother and I am still single since I find the Slytherin boys too full of themselves. I also added that his friends were not wrong when they had pointed out that no one likes snakes. He then told me that he at least finds one snake to be okay. I almost asked who but Briar had taken that moment to check on me and clarified that Shae meant me and was trying to flirt with me. I didn't know how to react so I just kept up a normal conversation about our classes.

Hagrid returned today, I was a little disappointed. He led us into the forest and it was nice to see that Draco was still a bit of a coward. We arrived at a clearing and Hagrid tossed down a dead cow and makes this strange call. I didn't see anything but it was obvious by Theo's staring that he did. Today was about threstrals, I was happy we got to learn more about Grandfather's pet. Then Umbridge showed up. It wasn't like her other inspections, she purposely said things in order to frazzle poor Hagrid. I did manage to learn that threstrals have perfect sense of direction, which at least explained why Grandfather had wanted one. I wanted to learn but Draco and Pansy seemed happy to disgrace and embarrass Hagrid. I was tempted to trap them in a bubble and leave them to find their own ways back; but that would have been quite rude and a little too extreme a revenge for a ruined lesson. Slimy things in their beds it is.