The Calm Point of View

Chapter 22

There was a huge snowstorm today and herbology was cancelled, it put Briar in a horrible mood. I was thinking of skipping History of Magic to go cheer him up, but Draco has been pouty and that usually means he is going to do something stupid.

Briar told me to watch him carefully. It was a good thing I didn't skip though. If I had I may have ended up being the one to discover a petrified Justin Finch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick.

Draco is really pissed off now, the Weasley twins started marching Potter everywhere and yelling at people to make way for the heir of Slytherin.

I am not sure if he is angry that people think it could actually be Potter or if it is because he doesn't get to go home for the winter holidays. I am hoping it is the latter.

Draco wants me to stay with him at Hogwarts but I declined. I had promised to go home this year.

Blaise, Daphne, Theo and I managed to convince Greg and Vincent to stay at least. Once we mentioned the feast they were more than happy to babysit Draco.

I am home now. Grandfather picked Briar and I up from separate entrances as per usual. We told him about the attacks and how Gryffindor think Draco is the heir and how most of Slytherin think it's Potter.

Grandfather tsk-ed and said he thought the Slytherins at least were smarter.

I did confirm that there is a few of us that don't believe it is Potter, but we also don't know who it could be.

Grandfather says that the last time the chamber had been opened a Rubeus Hagrid had been expelled. Yet he doesn't believe the man to be smart enough to be the heir.

Grandfather also mentioned that Hagrid loves all animals and people, so wouldn't have it in him to kill anyone. Which brings us back to not knowing who it is or even was.

Briar and I have started making a list of who knows our parents are squibs.

The list is literally Draco and Neville.

Apparently, Briar trusts him, Neville is also the only Gryffindor to know Briar has a sister. Well maybe, there were a lot of butterbeers involved.

Briar has decided to be more careful with the consumption of that particular drink. He is a lot slower to trust than I am, so I had to get the story.

Neville was confiding in Briar that he was practically a squib and should just break his own wand. Briar then told him that are parents were squibs to help make him feel better.

Eventually Neville confided that his parents are alive but quite ill and that was why his grandmother raised him. Since we believe in secrets for secrets, Briar told Neville that he lives with his grandfather and sister since our parents are seemingly dead.

Grandfather said he is impressed with out secret keeping and that we chose to share with people that keep their own secrets. Then Grandfather walked away muttering "Longbottom and Malfoy" before he started laughing.

Knowing Grandfather the way we do, we believe he finds irony of some sort in our choices. That or he knows great secrets about both families.

Since no one knows of our parents we should be safe from whatever is petrifying students.

Draco sent me a letter today using Discordia. He included an article from Theo's Daily Profit.

His letter stated that his parents sent him the article and because he was unable to wait for my return to share, he stole Theo's paper to send me.

Draco seems to find it hilarious that the head of the Weasley family was fined. I personally think he just wants to brag about his father's involvement.

I believe Draco's attitude to be childish and responded by asking if the Weasley's really do have a family ghoul? I also asked if ghouls can actually be trained to attack people and if so I want to set one up in my trunk.

Briar tells me I am thinking of a boggart. Ghouls don't fit in trunks.

Oh well, letter is already sent back with Discordia. She popped out of sight only to appear in the distance flying back towards Hogwarts. She appears to apparate now, though less skillfully than Shadow. She will probably learn eventually.