The Calm Point of View

Chapter 51

Hogsmeade was fun, I got to hang out with Briar since apparently Neville had other plans. Briar spent the day with Daphne, Milli and I. Pansy went with Draco, Greg, and Vince while Blaise stayed at the castle rather than waste his time with those beneath himself. Or something. Theo joined us part way into the day, I know grandfather said to stay away from potential future death eaters, but Theo is more of a mousey sort.

Ran into Shae with his friends while in Hogsmeade, Briar invited them to join us but warned that they would have to behave and not throw any hidden insults at Slytherins.

They said they wouldn't be caught dead with a group of snakes and left. Shae apologized and ran to catch up with his friends. Briar says that Shae only meant the apology for me and not my housemates judging by Shae's behavior. He only looked at me and avoided eye contact with everyone else.

We decided to travel in the opposite direction of that group and this caused us to pass the Hog's Head, real nasty place in my opinion. It was the busiest I have ever seen it. Twenty-six students were there. Mostly Gryffs, but also some Ravens and Puffs. I only took notice because they were all different years as well as houses. It looked like a meeting of sorts, so I took care to pay attention to who they were. It took a bit of digging but I managed to get names for everyone, I think. Knowledge is power and I wanted to be well armed if this backfired onto Briar somehow. The meeting included Neville, Hermione, all the school aged Weasleys, the Patil twins, Cho Chang, Lovegood, the Gryffindor Chasers, the Creevy brothers, MacMillan, Finch-Fletchley, Abbot, Goldstein, Corner, Boot, Lee Jordan, Smith, Bones and a girl named Marietta; couldn't get a last name. Neville told Briar that he hadn't gotten an invite because I am his sister and Slytherins can't be trusted. Probably because he also appears to be welcomed when he spends time with my housemates.

Maybe it would be better for Briar and I went back to being just us and avoided my housemates.

Briar scolded me. He says it really doesn't bother him and he doesn't want me to go back to being emotionless since I still have some problems.

This morning there was a notice on the board in our common room. There is so rarely anything posted other than the odd heirloom for sale or the dates for quidditch practice and Hogsmeade trips. This morning it was "Educational Decree number twenty-four. Any student organization, society, team, group or clubs have been disbanded." Those are considered any group of three or more students that meet often and students must talk to Umbridge to reform the group. To participate without her permission will result in expulsion.

Since I meet regularly with four Slytherin year mates, do we need her permission to keep being friends? I plan to ask just to waste her time. I am also a little upset that I didn't even know clubs existed. If there is a charms or potions club that would be amazing, maybe even a flying club!

Briar informs me that since all clubs have been disbanded I should probably look at reinstating them before I try joining. He also pointed out that he has been in the gardening club since 2nd year. I honestly thought he just spent time in the greenhouses because he found them peaceful. He apparently does, but the gardening club meets there regularly. Since he was always around for all their meetings they just started adding his name to club and included him in activities.

So, I need to help reinstate a club then join it. Draco somehow already got permission to continue quidditch. Which he decided to loudly brag about in the Potion's corridor. He then followed up by bragging about his father's influence and how they have been looking for reasons to fire Arthur Weasley for years. This actually didn't cause a rise in either Potter or Weasel, but then Draco mentioned St. Mungo's having a ward for people brain-addled by magic and started making stupid faces at them. To my surprise it was Neville that got angry and charged forward. Guess he is a Gryffindor after all. Thankfully Potter and Weasel managed to grab him before Greg or Vince beat on him like the muscle heads they are. Unluckily Professor Snape caught them wrestling to keep Neville calm and took 10 points from Gryffindor.

Umbridge was in this class. Professor Snape called attention to her before telling us to continue our strengthening solutions as he finished writing instructions on the board. Umbridge actually questioned Professor Snape on why he was teaching us something that would be on our OWLs. It actually angered me when she started asking why he keeps being refused the Defense Against the Dark Arts position. The bat has no right to question something personal like that! Though I am happy he was refused this year. I wouldn't want her teaching us potions. At least we can learn defensive magic on our own, Potions is a harder subject.

Briar says he has given up on his homework and is going for a walk. The twins have perfected their vomiting snacks. His common room is now filled with vomiting and cheering, but the smell is not pleasant. I think I shall join him since I work well as a "people detector." I can also make us temporarily invisible if the need arises.