The Calm Point of View

Chapter 75

Theo came looking for me tonight. We leave for home in two days. He didn't use the Rose, but he found me mediating on one of the towers with Briar. We told him he could have used the petrified rose but he said he needed the walk.

He wanted to know if he could come to our home for Christmas. He wasn't ready to face his household knowing that Thoros would introduce him to the dark lord and he couldn't stay at school.

He just wanted to feel safe for a couple of weeks.

We told him it would be no problem. Grandfather had already told us the "promising Nott was welcome"

We told Theo that Christmas would be in Perpignan again this year.

After his initial happiness from our accepting his request Theo looked around the tower.

He only said one questioning word, "Meditating".

We couldn't exactly tell him we were attempting to combine our magical energy to see if we could sense the emotions and intentions of every being in the school. We settled on saying we were trying to magnify a supersensory spell to locate the Carrows at all times. It was close enough to the truth.

Theo just gave us a look and told us to inform him if we learned anything.

Milli and Daphne stayed at school to look after the little ones. We promised them we would stock up on chocolate and potion ingredients.

We knew the train wasn't truly safe, but we figured that pure-bloods would be safe enough. We were wrong.

Theo and I had a compartment all our own and were about to take out some books to try and create more effective wandless healing spells when the train stopped. I quickly transfigured Theo to look as different as I could in case it was his father was boarding.

We were lucky, the death eaters barely glance at us. Briar wasn't so lucky.

Briar was sharing with Lovegood and Neville. It was Lovegood they had come for. I saw everything through Briar's eyes and blankly relayed it for Theo. Luna calmly stood up and stated that she knew they would get tired of her daddy's truth telling eventually. She calmly waved goodbye and told everyone she would see them later.

I can remember feeling the shock from the death eaters as Luna Lovegood calmly went with them. She was scared, yet not. By going calmly, they had no reason to hurt her or her friends. There was no reason for anyone to fight for her. She was 20 steps ahead of everyone else. I aspire to be half as good as Luna.

It was sitting on the train; feeling everyone's loss and despair. It was feeling, actually feeling, hope drain away and die as if we were all sitting with dementors; that it occurred to me. I actually stood and ran to Briar's compartment.

He tells me that my face was flushed with excitement. Theo claims that I scared his heart into stopping than restarting when I jumped up so quickly. He had to follow me to reinsure himself that I was okay.

I also opened the compartment doors so quickly that I needed to throw up a shield to protect myself from the Gryffs I had startled. I ignored them as I looked into my brother's wide eyes and asked out loud, "If the Weasley twins can sell day dreams, why can't we distribute hope?"

I hadn't noticed but Briar did, the other students in the compartment were speechless. I dragged Briar back to my compartment and as I passed an equally speechless Theo I asked him to find the trolley lady and buy every chocolate frog on the train. He complied without question.

Theo returned to three heating cauldrons, magical flames and levitation spells because we are not stupid enough to burn the train down. We were melting our tea candies into the first cauldron, the second had something that looked similar to the liquid in a pensive and we asked Theo to place unwrapped chocolate frogs into the third.

It took some experimentation but we had enough chocolate filled with hope and strength. We than paid the trolley lady to hand out our creation to everyone while Briar returned to his compartment.

Theo than gave me a lecture about going unnoticed and behaving like a proper Slytherin. I countered that to nullify others despair I had to feel elation.

Theo decide to go off topic and demanded that I instead teach him how to liquify hope.

I promised I would try.