The Calm Point of View

Chapter 13

It was the last night in the Manor before we head to King's Cross. I had believed that I wouldn't need to use my family's emergency gifts, I wish I hadn't been wrong.

I wish Mr. Malfoy hadn't returned earlier than usual from the ministry but wishes after the fact are pointless and I am getting ahead of myself.

I was reading in one of the numerous sitting rooms when Draco found me, his father was at the ministry and his mother had gone to help plan a gala of some sort and wouldn't be back until early evening. Draco figured he may never get another such perfect chance alone with me ever again.

He wanted to know more about muggle items like toasters and whatever a "tee vee" was.

His parents didn't really support learning about muggles, this would prove to be an understatement, but Draco hated being ignorant.

How can he feel superior if he didn't understand what they were even talking about?

So, I was teaching him what little I did know. It was more than most purebloods since both my parents had been squibs pretending they were muggle, but it wasn't nearly as much as a muggle born witch would know.

I had finished explaining telephones and toasters and was trying to explain a television using drawings when Mr. Malfoy walked in looking for Draco.

Draco told me recently that his father had come in wanting to know why a mudblood was top of our year instead of Draco. At the time Mr. Malfoy never even started to ask because he instantly saw what we were discussing.

Thanks to my ability I had a half second head start on Draco when it came to reading the mood; Mr. Malfoy was furious.

The papers with my drawings all burst into flames and Mr. Malfoy actually pointed his wand at us. He demanded to know why I knew muggle objects, he demanded to know why I was teaching Draco garbage and he demanded to know why Draco was listening to me; just to sum up.

We would have explained but this was no icy anger, he wouldn't let us talk and he was slowly backing us into a corner.

What I did next was a bit more Gryffindor than I would have liked, but I wasn't going to disappear and leave Draco in that situation by himself.

We still had some room but if we ran I was sure we would be cursed. I glanced quickly at Draco and as quietly as possible told him to run when he saw an opening.

That was when I tossed Briar's plant to the ground at Mr. Malfoy's feet.

I will admit, I did not expect the explosion of pollen, nor did I expect such rapid growth of vines. I expected just enough to trip him, not the large amount that decided to tangle themselves all the way above Mr. Malfoy's waist.

The vines may have grown even higher but Draco and I had taken off running already and I never looked back to check.

Draco yelled at me asking what the hell the thing I tossed was; as we were running.

I yelled back that it was a present from my brother in case I needed it.

Draco ran, I followed. I didn't know his Manor well enough to navigate it as easily as he was, without him I probably would end up at a dead end.

Draco led us to a side entrance where he quickly opened up a closet, well cupboard would be more accurate, and pulled out two really old brooms, possibly cleansweeps.

We decided to hide in one of the gardens for a few hours. The idea being that his father will have calmed down or that his mother will have returned by the time we come out of hiding.

Draco is sure his mother will at least listen to us before she decides if she should draw her wand to hex us.

When we were sufficiently hidden in some tree cover I looked at Draco and told him that if things got out of hand I did have a way to escape, but I wouldn't be able to take him with me.

He starred at me blankly and confused before blinking it away and becoming angry. If I had a way out why didn't I use it and stuff like that.

I calmly explained that I still found Draco useful to me and he is still my friend. I saw a way to get us both out and took that option, if there wasn't a way to get us both out I would have left him. I also explained to him that I only told him I had a way out so that he could plan his own getaway just in case.

He calmed down fairly quickly being okay with that logic. I think he was angry because he thought it was some kind of selfless sacrifice. I also told him that this way he owed me and I did plan to collect one day in the future.

While we waited I explored the garden and asked about some of the plants. I knew Briar would want to know about them.

Draco answered what he could, but he didn't know much when it came to gardening. So, I took a couple clippings to bring back with me.

Finally, Draco deemed it late enough for his mother to have returned.

We decided to be more cautious than we thought necessary and I cast my cloaking shield on us just in case someone thought to blast us out of the sky.

We headed to the front entrance where I dropped my shield and we carefully made our way inside.

We then headed to the main sitting room where we discovered Narcissa waiting for us.

We explained everything we could and Narcissa's only comment was to say the plant may have been overdoing it but that it was still clever of us.

She then asked if I thought a necklace could be made with a similar plant inside but one that gave off less pollen when tossed. I promised that I would do my best to find out.

Narcissa then dismissed myself and Draco and told us dinner would be served in two hours and she expected us to be presentable. Flying high speeds and laying in the garden was apparently very bad for our respectful appearances, Draco's hair was even messed up.

We made sure to arrive at dinner on time and clean.

Mr. Malfoy greeted us in a friendly manner and he complimented my plant trick.

I told him it was actually my brother's trick and I am sure my Grandfather helped him develop it.

I am actually positive that he didn't but they wouldn't believe that an eleven-year-old made it by himself.

Thinking about it, Briar is quite a bit more advanced with his ability then I am, yet our inexperience still shows though.

My barriers probably can't stop a decent witch or wizard. Briar "programs" his plants but has no real control over what they do. I bet that will change as we learn more and become more experienced.

Oh right, I was discussing supper.

It ended up being quite civil and I retired to my room early to make sure I had everything packed for our return trip tomorrow before deciding to write everything down.