The Calm Point of View

Chapter 14

How do muggles not notice us disappear into a solid wall? Is there a notice-me-not spell or something? With one person I could see muggles excusing as a trick of the light, but the numbers we go through in?

There was one muggle standing there not noticing as 7 people went through the barrier.

I mentioned my thoughts to Draco but he just said something about muggles being stupid. I sighed and went back to reading the defense book he had given me.

It hasn't been more than a week since we returned and Draco has come back laughing about mastering the leg-locker curse on Neville. I was about to send Briar to find and help but Neville somehow managed to get himself all the way to Gryffindor tower and through the portrait.

I am actually impressed, that is 4 floors with moving staircases, not to mention other students and any ghosts he may have encountered.

Oh, I started finding curses in my text books again.

I practiced what Professor Snape (kind of) taught Draco and I. Problem was it didn't seem to be a Slytherin.

The curses are too high a level for a student.

At least this is what Professor Snape told me when examining the one textbook, and whomever it was knew how to counter our tracking spell.

The farthest we ever got was to the Great Hall around breakfast. That would most likely make it a teacher.

The thought that one of our teachers is attacking me is terrifying.

Draco started making sure to sit next to me in all classes, except potions where Snape kept making me sit with the intellectually challenged Slytherins. Anything to try and keep his class in one piece.

Briar says that since he hasn't been targeted it isn't one of the house heads, they would know we are related.

We have narrowed it down, kind of. We know it isn't Binns, Filch, Hagrid, McGonagall, Snape, Sprout, Flitwick or Dumbledore.

That still leaves us with too many options.