The Calm Point of View

Chapter 21

I haven't really mentioned anything about potions before now. I guess the main thing is that it is on Thursday mornings and we are still with Gryffindor. I mention this now because todays lesson was the first I didn't enjoy.

We were working with the Swelling Solution today. Professor Snape stuck me with Pansy. Draco and Greg were seated in the desks in front of us, this is important to remember.

Since I am always expecting the unexpected I managed to react fairly quickly, but not quite quick enough. We were mostly through the potion and Pansy was thankfully letting me do everything. Then I heard a splash from Greg's cauldron. I did the logical thing and ducked behind Pansy. Not even two full seconds later it was as if Greg's cauldron decided to vomit.

Swelling solution was everywhere. Pansy is too skinny to make an effective shield, Draco and Greg were completely soaked in the solution. Pansy was fairly bad as well since she leaned forward to investigate the splash.

My one hand was splashed and basically every other Slytherin had been splashed somewhere. I could tell Potter, Weasley, and Hermione were pleased but I wasn't sure if it was because Draco now resembled a balloon, or because they had tossed the firecracker Professor Snape fished out of Greg's cauldron.

Thankfully Professor Snape had prepared a deflating draft ahead of time or I probably wouldn't be able to write tonight.

It has been a little over a week since that disastrous potions class, yesterday was Thursday. It was also the first dueling lesson.

Unfortunately, Lockheart was the teacher in charge. Luckily Professor Snape was his 'assistant'.

It started with Professor Snape disarming an incompetent Lockheart, then all of us were put into pairs to practice Expelliarmus.

I was partnered with a second year Ravenclaw. Before we faced-off I heard her mutter "Dirty snake."

I decided to show her, I was going to beat her cleanly!

I cast Expelliarmus and caught her off guard, she managed to counter out of reflex and I put up a shield. It was actually fun, she then cast the disarming spell which I countered and she put up a shield. We probably would have continued like that if it wasn't for Draco and Potter causing a scene.

I bowed politely to the girl and we civilly shook hands. She even told me she had fun and would like to duel me again.

I agreed and we parted ways.

I still don't know her name, but she had short black hair.

Theo told me I missed Potter hitting Draco with Rictusempta and Draco hitting Potter with Taratallegra. I did see Draco giggling and Potter Dancing.

I also saw Professor Snape cast Finite Incantatem, I would have to remember that spell. Then I got to see Lockheart drop his wand while 'demonstrating' a spell to Potter.

I knew Draco is a little jealous of Potter and all the attention he gets, but I think Draco is better off without all this attention from Lockheart.

So, the duel started and Draco cast Serpensertia, a beautiful snake came out and headed for Potter. Lockheart then blasted it with something that only served to make it irritated and head towards the crowd.

I didn't see who the snake tried to attack, but I did hear Potter speak Parseltongue. The snake stopped moving and Professor Snape banished it.

I watched everyone back away from Potter as if he was diseased. It is honestly nice to see people show fear of someone who isn't a Slytherin for once.