The Calm Point of View

Chapter 69

The train ride home was somber. I sat with Milli, Daph, Theo and Briar. Theo fiddled with the petrified rose. Daphne asked if we really had to return for our seventh year.

Surprisingly it was Theo that answered. He said if we didn't, we would likely be branded as traitors against whichever side was currently winning. We would have to return and make a show of backing the winning side while only really being on our own side. Slytherins stick together.

Briar added that the school would most likely turn on most Slytherins, without the older students the first and second years wouldn't be able to protect themselves.

Theo asked then if Briar and I could secretly send messages to each other, he knew we could, but I believe he asked so that he had a reason to share is plan with us.

Our jobs shall be to keep Slytherin and Gryffindor from running into each other as much as possible. We were now fighting to survive and every advantage would count.

Briar and I gave Milli and Daphne a petrified rose each. We told all of them that they were charmed to Briar and I. So if help was needed all they would have to do is ask.

I hope they won't need them this summer, but I am not one to be optimistic.