The Calm Point of View

Chapter 39

The other schools shall be arriving on October 30, tomorrow, at 6pm. So maybe my Halloween won't be a horrid disaster this year.

While we were all waiting out on the grounds for the schools to arrive I couldn't help but notice how vastly the manners of houses differed. Slytherin was the only one waiting quietly and patiently. Hufflepuffs were quiet, Ravenclaws patient, and Gryffindors were neither.

First to arrive were the Beauxbatons in a giant blue carriage. I think Pansy described it as powder blue but I couldn't tell you the difference from a light blue. The carriage was pulled by a couple of winged horses the size of elephants and the carriage was adorned by the Beaxbaton coat of arms, two gold wands crossed and each shooting 3 stars.

Interesting fact I learned: Palominos only drink pure malt whiskey.

Durmstrang arrived like a haunted ship appearing magically in the centre of the lake, Briar and I were both the most fascinated with Durmstrang's travel. They came from so far North and yet as far as we knew the Black Lake didn't connect with any water ways from that direction. Maybe there was a connecting waterway in the deepest parts of the lake.

At supper the Beauxbatons sat with the Ravenclaws while the Durmstrangs sat with us at Slytherin.

I even had an extremely pleasant conversation with one student about shield charms.

Draco hugged Krum, I think he wanted to make Potter and Weasley jealous and to make everyone believe he is on good terms with him.

Oh yeah, Viktor Krum goes to Durmstrang, maybe if I figure out how to flirt enough he will help me perfect the feint.

Briar says I would have more luck just asking, he may be right.

The best part of having all these guests is definitely the food. We are never served French food normally. It is much lighter on the palate than what we normally get.

HALLOWEEN! Eeeeeeee! I was excited despite knowing the day would likely end in disappointment and heartbreak. Draco came to meet me and take me to breakfast, he hasn't done that since first year. I think it is him feeling protective with all the Durmstrang students around, I know Briar is. Maybe he is acting chaperone since he knows Briar can't

There were live bats everywhere! And carved pumpkins lining the walls! It was beautiful, if only the castle tried this hard every Halloween.

I got to see Fred and George try to get past the age line to enter the goblet. I watched them get physically tossed from the circle and sprout beards amazingly fast. Even the Weasley twins were laughing at the effect. It made the start of the day that much better.

The whole school was looking forward to finding out who the three champions will be, I was looking forward to the feast.

I remember Draco telling a student not to mind me as I always turn strange on Halloween and that I will return to normal by tomorrow. I am not sure how I should feel about that yet.

I didn't really care as they called Fleur Dela something and Krum. I remember trying to remember who Cedric Diggory was and then Potter's name was drawn. I looked at Draco expecting him to be insufferable and upset by this, instead he was near gleeful.

Draco honestly believes Potter is going to die.