The Calm Point of View

Chapter 78

Unlikely as it is while Potter is with Hermione, they were still spotted together at Lovegood's family home.

Draco returned pale and shaking from Easter break. I sought him out to see if he would talk, he did.

Snatchers turned up at his home with Potter, Weasley, and Hermione. He lied. He lied to protect Potter. He was scarred and not sure why he did it. Then his aunt went mental, or more mental. Draco was forced to watch as she tortured Hermione and carved something into the girl's arm.

That was when a house elf appeared and rescued not only the trio but everyone the dark lord had been holding in the Malfoy dungeons.

To say that the escapes had upset him would have been an understatement.

Draco confided to me that he would never be able to cast a crucio on anyone as he cannot fathom how he could ever mean it enough again.

I told Draco to talk to Milli in the common room when I saw his wince of pain.

I can see Greg and Vince keeping a close eye on Draco. I have a feeling they have turned from his cronies to his jailers. Draco got himself into this, I have no real sympathy. I listened only to help him regain his mind, but he can save himself.

Potter and company were spotted escaping Gringotts on a dragon yesterday. I cannot help but wonder what they were doing stealing from Gringotts. Maybe Neville knows.

Most of the DA has gone into hiding somewhere in the school. I don't think any of us are going to pass our NEWTs this year.

I asked Theo who he thought our examiners would be and he started laughing hysterically. When I was about to edge away from him he managed to calm down. He asked me to always keep my priorities the same.

Yes, we are at war, but there is semblance of normality that has to be addressed.

Theo stood after that and told me I was a great friend.

When I asked where he was going after curfew he responded only that he was going to make a difference.

I haven't ever seen him with a grin that joyful. I asked Theo to meet Briar on the sixth floor with his treasure.

Briar tells me that Theodore showed up with his shoulder on fire and three unconscious students floating behind him. Briar brought them to the DA's room.

Some of the members are demanding to know who the hero is. Briar pretends he doesn't know. He won't give Theo up, not only to protect Theo, but also to protect those that can only see our world in black and white.