The Calm Point of View

Chapter 37

It was about a week ago that I asked Grandfather if Briar and I could go to the World Cup, of course he said no, as I thought he would. I sent Draco a letter of apology stating that Grandfather has tasks for us and won't let us attend. Not even a lie, Grandfather has tasked Briar and I with information gathering. We are to travel across Europe and find out whatever we can about what is going on in the world right now. We are to use both Briar's ability to attract people and my ability to sense emotions.

Other than trying many different foods, I have seen no point to our adventure. We aren't quite sure where Grandfather went, just that he isn't home. He left a clone there. Thankfully, Shadow can tell the difference.

Our task would be easier if we knew what sort of information we are looking for.

Today we sent Shadow with a letter to Grandfather asking to narrow it down. She returned with a response telling us to narrow it down ourselves. Since we were given this task after I saw sight in the crystal ball, Briar figures we are looking for information on Death Eaters, while I believe we are looking for something on Voldemort. So, we decided to look for both.

We have learned that the Malfoys, Notts, Goyles, and Crabbes used to support Voldemort but managed to avoid Azkaban. We have also for whatever reason, managed to learn that Albania is a bad place to visit right now. Nothing else. Even with our abilities that is all we have managed to gain.

Judging from the souvenir looking flags Grandfather sent us; we assume he went to the Quidditch World Cup. I do wish I could have gone to see Krum fly, he is supposedly the best seeker in the world. Daily Prophet says the dark mark appeared at the World Cup. The picture matches my vision perfectly so Grandfather has called us back to France for a discussion. We floo'ed back as soon as we were able to borrow a wizarding families fire without notice.

Grandfather really was at the World Cup, he says that the death eaters appeared and were torturing muggles, but they fled when the mark appeared.

Grandfather got really serious and says that Briar and I are too young, that we aren't trained enough for the war that is sure to come in the near future. He went on to verify what we learned and he told us to be careful of our school mates from the families of death eaters. So most of my house mates. I have been asked to try and blend in more and to try making fun of those in other houses. I told Grandfather that I refused. It is something I don't want to do and a Tranquillitas does not give in to peer pressure. Plus, it would be strange for me to change my personality that much over the summer. I walked away and sent a letter to Draco asking if he is okay after the World Cup.

Briar wants my help to go pick berries now, so I will leave off writing here for now.

Finally got a response from Draco; Discordia chose to fly for once. Draco says he was fine even though he was in the forest when the mark went off. He also rambled a bit about saying something to someone that he regrets saying even if he only said it for appearances. I am beginning to think he likes a girl from a lower family but is too ashamed of what his parents will say to actually tell her. His letter went on to say that Krum was awesome to watch and sent a poster of him doing the Wronski Feint. I now have a great desire to learn this.

Briar tells me it is probably pointless since I will never play quidditch, but I believe it could be useful if anyone is ever chasing me.