The Calm Point of View

Chapter 63

Briar and I have our own compartment that is unfortunately located next to Potter's. There was a bunch of girls trying to get Potter to with them instead of "losers". It is unfortunate for those girls that the supposed losers happen to be Neville and Lovegood; Potters friends.

Oh, there's Milli, Daphne and Theo; I should wave them in.

The girls are a lot quieter than usual, but not strangely so. It is Theo who is the quietest. His father was one of those sent to Azkaban. Theo doesn't want to be a death eater, he appears to be a little relieved.

Theo loves his father though and a large empty manor can be quite lonesome, especially after the whole summer. I think we shall invite him to spend Christmas with us.

We all talked of safe and empty things; like who the new defense teacher will be and our O.W.L. scores.

We were sitting waiting for the feast to begin when Briar mentioned that the chosen one was late. Professor Snape eventually got up, presumably to dock points from Potter. This did draw my attention to the teachers table. Our new teacher is a fat and bald man who seems far too relaxed and joyful to have had much practical defense use in reality. Trelawney was at the feast as well, which was very unusual. I don't think I have ever seen her for the opening feast before. When Professor Snape returned with Potter there was a small gasp as people realized their chosen one's face was covered in blood.

The sorting hat song was another of unity, but it didn't stir the same emotion as last year. During the song Draco mimicked shattering a nose. This probably explains the blood on Potter.

Dumbledore raised a blackened and dead hand, I felt no life in it, I am amazed it hasn't spread.

Dead always steals life from the living, it is why one must trim dead leaves off of a plant.

Briar told me that while I was contemplating pruning Dumbledore I missed the announcements. Professor Snape is going to teach Defense and Potions will be taught by Slughorn. This explained why my table was clapping.

Instead of listening to the speech, Draco spent the entire time making a fork hover over his plate, I am sure he could have done more interesting things.

I did discover that I was the only one to continue with Care of Magical Creatures so there would be no 6th year class.

My first class was ancient runes, we were assigned a 15" essay, 2 translations and a couple of books to read by next Wednesday. Next was defense where Professor Snape gave a speech on how the dark arts are ever changing and that our defense will have to be just as ever changing. He also showed us some gruesome pictures meant to make his point stick but I had no problem with them. People die all the time.

Professor Snape also had us practice non-verbal casting and shields. I wasn't able to use my ability since everyone would realize something was off. Hermione figured it out first of course.

After defense I had divination and Briar had Arithmancy. Last We had double potions with Slughorn.

There were some prepared potions around the class for us to identify. Closest to the Slytherin table was Veritaserum, Polyjuice was nearest Ravenclaw and Amortentia was in front of the Gryffindors. Then with a player's dramatics, Slughorn "unveiled" Felix Felicis the liquid luck. Twelve hours of luck were to be rewarded to whichever of us made the best draught of living dead. At the time I had wondered if Briar and I would each get 12 hours or if we would get 6 each. We knew that at our skill level we wouldn't be able to finish the draught by the end of class, but we would get fairly close.

At halfway each of our potions were smooth with black current liquid and a nice blue steam. At the end of class, we had achieved matching pale lilac potions, yet somehow Potter did better!

He was a potions screw-up in all previous years, barely passing, yet he can make the draught!

I am, upset by this. More so than I would like to be.