The Calm Point of View

Chapter 58

Theo is spending more time with Draco, Vince and Greg. It isn't much more, but the backlash from the article really affected him. Yet none of them can retaliate against Potter because that would be admitting they read it.

I think Theo mostly started spending less time with us so that there would be no backlash onto us girls. That isn't fair, we need to stick together and this is breaking people apart. A pox on Voldemort!

Trelawney was fired today. She wasn't the best teacher, but I liked her class. She made a bit of a scene leaving but Dumbledore offered to let her continue living in her old quarters since the new Divination teacher didn't need them.

Our new Divination teacher is a centaur named Firenze. His hair is like Draco's and his body is that of a palomino. I like him mostly because Umbridge feels both a strong hatred and a strong fear of him. I will have a more formulated opinion after I have my first class with him.

Our class is now in a classroom instead of the tower. It is beautiful, it looks just like a clearing out in the forbidden forest. It was both wonderful and difficult hearing that all we know is nothing but human drivel.

The world has flipped upside-down. Dumbledore is gone. Umbridge claims to be the new headmaster; though the gargoyle's that guard the office don't agree. They say that Dumbledore fought and overwhelmed Umbridge, two aurors, Minister Fudge and the minister's assistant before he just vanished. There is also an Inquisitorial squad that can dock points now; of course, it has Draco in charge somehow.

With all this wonderful news also comes the fact that every house other than Slytherin is rapidly losing points. There is a very good reason prefects are not given the power over points.

Montague seems to be missing, we have to assume that he tried to take points from the wrong students.

Lunch is almost over now and there was a huge explosion. Now that I won't get trampled I am going to go see.

It wasn't an explosion, it was fireworks. Dragons of green and gold sparks, five-foot pink Catharine wheels, rockets with long silver tails, swearing sparklers and firecrackers. These were obviously not normal fireworks as they seemed to get stronger over time. I watched as Umbridge discovered that stunning causes actual explosions and vanishing instead multiplies the fireworks by ten. It was beautiful.

Professors made it even better when they would call Umbridge in order to remove fireworks from their classrooms. I almost burst into laughter the first time I heard a Professor tell her they could have gotten rid of a firework themselves, but they weren't sure if they had the authority.

Draco came back today and bragged that he had come across Potter in remedial Potions. I know what is really going on, but "No one doubts a Malfoy."

Montague was found stuffed in a fourth-floor toilet, he doesn't remember how he got there, which is weird by itself, but he also isn't starved or thirsty. It is like he was transported forward in time.