The Calm Point of View

Chapter 71

We went shopping for necessary supplies today. Everyone is scared.

They are scared that either they or themselves will be next.

Yet they hide and try to pretend everything is normal, life is normal.

It has been a long time since I received a headache from other's emotions. There was too much fear, it was suppressing and confining.

I managed to keep the fear at bay while filtering for any hostile emotions. I managed for two hours before I couldn't do it anymore.

I think we loosely informed Theo that I am an empath who normally doesn't have a problem, but the fear was too strong and it was everywhere. It wasn't technically a lie.

It caused Theo to look thoughtful again. I could actually see him thinking of ways to use this ability to better our defenses.

Theo, Briar and I were sorting through books we thought would be useful at school when Grandfather walked in and casually stated that the new Headmaster was going to be Severus Snape. He tossed a Prophet and the table near us and walked out.

All three of us converged on the paper without a word. Hogwarts had become mandatory, Pius Thicknesse is the new minister, muggle-borns must be registered, and Potter is wanted for questioning about Dumbledore's death.

Lord Voldemort has control of the ministry, that much was obvious. Knowing that and adding that Hogwarts was mandatory, who knows what goons are going to start teaching.

Again, without discussion we moved fluidly to the shelves and started adding more defense and healing books to our growing piles.

New paper, new information. Professor Snape confirmed headmaster of Hogwarts. Alecto Carrow to be the new teacher of Muggle Studies, Amycus Carrow to be the new teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts.

We received some lovely pamphlets today. "Mudbloods and the dangers they pose to a peaceful pure-blood society." They had a lovely red rose being choked by a weed.

I remember Briar mentioning that the particular species of Rose they used is actually more likely to strangle the species of weed they had drawn. I can't help but wonder if a closet rebel designed them or if the ministry was too stupid to pay proper attention to detail.