The Calm Point of View

Chapter 27

A week has gone by and the Malfoys returned to Wiltshire. Briar and I now have time to do what we want again, Grandfather muttered about someone sending another but thanked us for our good work.

Apparently, a pleasant side effect of Briar's scent is that it makes people like us. When questions were being asked about our family in town all the locals answered as if they had known us for years.

Grandfather is acting like he knows more than what he is letting on, that is fairly normal for Grandfather. I wish he would give us a hint though.

Briar is mean, he had me practice looking people in the eye today. I feel like I have been throwing up for a whole week. I have finally managed to turn my ability off though. So, he was mean for a reason.

Briar kept up his practicing as well in order to attract people for me to practice on. Thankfully it doesn't take long to look someone in the eyes. Even if the weight of emotions could make the moment seem like an eternity to me.

I no longer have to constantly look at the ground for fear of meeting someone's eyes.

Draco sent his owl with a letter asking to meet up in Diagon Ally so we could all go shopping for our school supplies. He even welcomed Briar to come in his Ares disguise.

Briar politely declined though, he made plans to meet up with Neville.

Briar went through the floo five minutes before I did so he could meet Neville at Madame Malkin's, I met up with Draco in the Leaky.

When we arrived in Diagon Ally we both immediately noticed the wanted posters everywhere. Maybe we should have gotten a subscription to the newspaper.

So, Draco finally asked me how long I had lived in France for. I lied with the truth and said we had been there since our Grandfather had changed the protective wards on our main house and wanted to give them time to set. We liked the small community though and decided to stay.

When Draco caught me trying to get a better look at a wanted poster he asked if I received a daily prophet this summer, when I shook my head he told me that Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban. He also told me that the man was probably going after Potter because Black was the reason Potter's parent were dead. Black betrayed them to Voldemort and killed a bunch of muggles.

I don't see why I should care. Black isn't going to come to tea at my family's manor in France and Hogwarts is the safest place in all of Europe apparently. Well, now that the basilisk is dead it is.

I told Grandfather about what Draco had said when I returned home. He laughed heartily and said in that lecturing voice. "If Black was such a big Voldemort supporter than why did his mother disown him but not his brother?"

It is something to think about, but for now Briar and I have decided to take turns guessing which famous and incompetent witch or wizard is going to be our new defense teacher.