The Calm Point of View

Chapter 6

Snape says Draco and I have to see him after supper for a remedial potions lesson to make up for the one we missed. Briar says it is easy enough even without our mixed abilities.

I wonder if we weren't born as twins if our ability would have been an uncanny super potions ability. That sounds both lame and awesome at the same time.

So, on the way to potions I told Draco about the spells I had found on my bed before and a few curses I had found hidden in my textbooks.

I think I had forgotten to write about those, they weren't really troublesome and so far, I had managed to block them all with my shields. Last night was the first time something had actually worked on me.

Draco informed me he would teach me some protection charms.

For someone that is such a git, he has his nice moments. I think he sees me as like him in many ways. Or maybe I am his calm Slytherin voice of reason. Whatever his reasons, when we arrived in the Potions class Snape took off points for getting caught by a stupid prank (Briar says if no one had noticed me it could have ended up as more serious than a prank) and gave Draco twice as many points for helping a student in need.

To add to the character of Professor Snape, instead of giving us the lesson we missed, he hands Draco a book in sending curses back to the original sender and hands me a book on tracing wand signatures from spell residue. He then pointed at the front board and said he expected us to have an awakening potion ready when he came back in an hour.

Briar says that actually is what they did that day and Professor Snape wasn't just pulling one over on us. It took all of 20 minutes for us to get the potion brewing properly, and we spent the rest of the time going through the books the professor had left us with.

Draco told me that Snape was an old family friend and that he swears he hadn't told Professor Snape he didn't believe my cat had knocked over the potion.

The professor had apparently come to his own conclusions and wanted to make sure his friend's son and son's housemate were looked after.

By the time Professor Snape returned we had finished the potion and when we tried to return the books the professor told us to return them with an essay on their contents in 4 weeks' time.

I think Snape shows affection by being cruel, but if that is true than he must love Potter...I don't think I should tell Draco this theory.