The Calm Point of View

Chapter 9

Halloween is in a week, I am actually excited. I have always loved Hallow's Eve. The feel in the air is like the feel when I am flying, it is clear and perfect.

Briar thinks I should warn Draco that he may find me dancing for joy, I am really actually quite bad at hiding my joy from people. Maybe I should tell him, oh but the look on his face would be priceless. I have a week to decide if I will tell him or not.

Some of the teachers have become a bit more festive in their lessons. Professor McGonagall actually has us transfiguring mice into little jack-o-lanterns. I can't wait for Halloween night!

So, I decided to warn Draco Halloween morning, of course my warning came as me dancing a circle around him after I came down the dorm stairs and singing that I love Halloween.

Draco pinned my arms to stop me from moving then checking to see if I had a fever with the back of his hand.

He is always so cold; how would he even know? Silly boy.

The day was perfect.

Briar says that Seamus exploded a feather when they were learning the floating charm. I can't help but wonder how; but the whole day was perfect...until dinner, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Apparently in charms class Hermione had corrected Weasley's pronunciation on the charm and he was upset with her when she did it perfectly.

Briar was walking behind Hermione and was talking to Neville on the way to the next class when they both overheard Weasley loudly telling Potter that no one can stand Hermione and he called her a nightmare.

Briar heard her sniffle before she quickly ran past everyone.

Potter apparently seemed remorseful but Weasley just stated that she must have noticed she had no friends.

Briar was quite shocked and made sure to find out if she was okay.

Grandfather taught him to always be a gentleman. It made no difference that we are only eleven, a man must always treat a lady with respect.

Maybe that is why he is so overprotective of me.

Not only did Briar find out that she was crying in one of the bathrooms, but when Hermione didn't show up to anymore classes that afternoon he somehow convinced the Gryffindor Patil twin and her friend to discuss Hermione's whereabout near Potter and Weasley on purpose.

The intent was of course to guilt trip them into going to apologize.

Some may wonder why Briar didn't go to talk to her himself if he claims to be a gentleman. The answer is simple, one doesn't approach a wounded animal underprepared. If he were to approach her with comforting words then she would assume he said them out of pity, not that they were truthful.

The only ones that could safely, well relatively, approach her would be those that had hurt her in the first place. They would have to apologize of course and Briar actually hoped she would hex them to teach them a lesson.

Sometimes I wonder how Briar didn't get sorted into Slytherin with me.

So, to continue, the day was perfect until dinner.

I was excited for the dinner feast, the mood was soured slightly when Briar told me what happened to Hermione, I liked her despite all her trivial knowledge.

My mood improved again when he told me the plan he had already put into effect.

Then Professor Quirrell burst in yelling about a troll in the dungeon before collapsing on the floor. Then I discovered that Draco is a bit of a coward. Everyone was panicking and screaming. I also felt a "bloody hell" feeling from Professor Snape before he ran through a side door, it was strange.

Eventually Professor Dumbledore got things mostly calmed down and the teachers left to go after the troll.

The students were all flooding out to get to their common room being shepherded by the prefects. It was a few moments before it was only the Slytherins left in the Great Hall. Many of which were still panicking.

I have no idea where our prefects were but I do know that some Slytherins were about to head back to the common room without them, Draco was one of those. That would have been stupid.

So, I grabbed Draco by his arm and I slapped him, quite loudly, on his cheek.

A stunned silence fell upon my housemates, I hope that memory stays fresh in my mind forever, it was magical.

A stunned silence all because somebody slapped a Malfoy, "Nobody does that and lives"...piffle.

Draco glared angrily at me, I explained in the simplest way possible. "It was the only way to get your attention and I have three very important questions to ask you."

He growled at me that I should ask them quickly, actually growled, Pansy later that night said something about it being sexy. I think she has problems.

I complied and asked my questions, and Draco played his part and answered for our large stunned audience.

He growled out his first 2 answers as well.

Question 1: Where are you planning on going? Answer: Common room.

Question 2: Where is the common room? Answer: Dungeon.

And finally, the all-important third question: Where was the troll?

Oh, it was wondrous, the silence managed to become even more silent, all their thoughts and emotions just stopped, no one breathed or dared twitch as Draco answered: Dungeon.

The growling anger was gone from his voice when he spoke. Draco was smart enough to realize my slap wasn't to get his attention but to captures the attention of our house.

The silence was starting to end so I gracefully and calmly made my way back to my seat and continued my Halloween feast. I saw no reason that a troll should cause me to go hungry.

Draco soon joined me, He told me he couldn't let even me get off for slapping him, even if it was for a good cause. His reputation demanded retribution.

I told him I understood and expected him to at least be creative.

He then told me my lack of minor emotions may have just saved lives, his own included and he invited me to Malfoy Manor over the Christmas Holidays to thank me.

I told him I would love to, but I needed to ask my Grandfather's permission first.

Eventually someone decided to wake Quirrell to see if he was alright.

I am amazed no one trampled him.

Strangely he felt awake the entire time, I guess it is possible he was having an irritated dream.

It was suggested he go see Madame Pomfrey and he agreed but refused the escort saying we students should stay here where it is safe. Now he was excited and impatient.

I really need to stop trying to read Quirrell's feelings.

After sitting and enjoying the rest of the feast; one of the seventh years used her wand to play music. By the time Professor Snape came for us saying that the troll had been dealt with and it was safe to return to the dungeons; several more students has used their wands to create a hauntingly beautiful orchestra of ghostly instruments and we were all dancing and having our own private party in the Great Hall.

I wonder if it was the troll that bloodied Snape's leg.

I know I heard Snape mutter to Dumbledore as we were exiting the hall that somebody had let the troll in... I wonder why. I may never know. Knowledge equals power, but curiosity with no satisfaction killed the cat.

Briar says the teachers found Potter, Weasley, and Hermione in the bathroom with the unconscious troll.

Hermione told the teachers that she went looking for the troll, but we know that's a lie. She wasn't at supper; how could she have known there was even a troll in the school.

I sighed and whistled for Shadow. I needed to get a message to Grandfather and owls sometimes get lost trying to find him. I figured if I wanted a reply before Summer then I would need to use her. Even if she delayed and wandered for a week it would still be faster than sending an owl could be.

My luck was in, Shadow was in an excellent mood. She was purring and making cute noises and acting like a cat for once. I gave her several treats for coming when I called before I draped her over my shoulders and went in search of Draco.

I had forgotten to ask if my visit for Yule was going to be for the full holiday or only part.

Draco was working on some homework in the common room, he raised one eyebrow at the cat draped like a scarf on my shoulders.

I asked and he said he didn't see why I couldn't stay for the full break.

I sat down next to him to finish my letter while Shadow continued to purr.

I think Draco was debating trying to pet her when I finished and handed her a treat and the letter asking her to deliver it to Grandfather as soon as was convenient for her. Shadow murred before butting her head against my ear with affection and vanishing.

Draco asked why I didn't just use an owl. I laughed and told him an owl may not be able to find my Grandfather right away, it all depended on how many Grandfathers I had at the time.

Leaving Draco confused I wished him a good night and went to bed.

Briar was headed back to Grandfather's for the holidays and I was to go to Malfoy Manor.

Grandfather did grant permission but warned me to use the emergency port key he sent me if I decided they would be troublesome. I could wear it as a necklace and all I had to do to activate was whisper Briar's name before snapping the charm off the chain.

I really hoped I wouldn't have to use it, but it is always better to be prepared for the unexpected.