The Calm Point of View

Chapter 59

We are supposed to start thinking about careers now, they even handed out lists for us to look over. It has healer, muggle relations, banking, training security trolls, Dept. of magical accidents & catastrophes (Umbridge is her own catastrophe), and auror. None of these appeal to me in the slightest. Briar says that we could go into Potions together, or possibly a tea shop. Magical teas to change your mood, experience all emotions under the rainbow. I started laughing. We need to work on an actual business plan if I am going to talk to Professor Snape about this.

We decided that in this shop you won't order your tea, instead we will set you a tea to match your mood without you ever saying a thing.

Professor Snape said that we are not the Weasley twins and that a gimmick shop is beneath us. Add on that we don't actually need to earn a living if we don't want to. He instead offered that with our skill in potions an apothecary would be feasible but we would need to receive O's on our NEWT's. There would be a lot of studying and we would have to pass a ministry test in order to earn a business license. We could also earn a name selling high quality ingredients for lower prices than any of the competitors since we already seem to have no problems acquiring rare plants.

Professor McGonagall said something similar to Briar but she added that we should charge the Weasley twins more for any ingredients since they don't pay Briar nearly enough for them now.

Briar blushed at being caught; we have to remember that the portraits do spy on us.

In potions today, Professor Snape completely ignored Potter. I had been starting to think that their relationship was like that saying: "We are tougher on the ones we love." Now I am not so sure.

The Weasley twins turned a corridor into a swamp! It was amazing, they summoned their brooms and left a stunned and speechless Umbridge. As they left they called out that they opened Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes at number ninety-three in Diagon Alley. The most amazing thing about all this was when I think Fred; but possibly George; told Peeves to give Umbridge hell for them and Peeves actually saluted them. I didn't think Peeves respected anyone living that much.

This week has been wonderful. Flint has been punting students across the swamp so they can get to their classes, a niffler was released in Umbridge's office, stink pellets are everywhere. I have greatly improved my bubblehead charm. And I am quite thankful I did not join the inquisitorial squad. Pansy sprouted antlers and Warrington was hexed with weird flakey skin.

A new disease has swept Hogwarts; it is called Umbridgeitis and only occurs in her class. Briar says it is the twins skiving snack boxes. I may or may not have given the vomiting candies I received from Neville to Draco without explaining what they were. Draco was the first Slytherin to get Umbridgeitis.

Peeves took the Weasley twins parting words to heart. He cackles madly, upends tables, bursts through blackboards, topples both statues and vases, keeps shutting poor Mrs. Norris inside suits of armor & smashing lanterns. There are candles snuffed, he juggles burning torches over our heads. Piles of parchment end up flying out windows, on fire or both.

Peeves has flooded the entire 2nd floor by pulling all the taps off and he then dropped tarantulas in the middle of the great hall.

When Peeves appears to be tired he will float lazily behind Umbridge and blow raspberries when she talks. I think that is all the pranks pulled just this week alone, I can't wait to see what next week brings.

Today was both good and bad. It was good for Gryffindor since Weasel figured out how to block and catch during their game against Ravenclaw. It was good for the time I got to spend studying with Shae in the Library.

The bad comes from Umbridge finding Briar in the greenhouses during the quidditch game. She automatically assumed he was up to no good and made him write "I will not play pranks" for three hours. It is no wonder Potter smells slightly of blood after his detentions. I find myself calmer upon writing this, when it happened I wanted to take her evil pen and shove it right through her fat pink hands. Lee Jordan gave Briar some Murtap essence. It got rid of the stinging, but Umbridge has made two enemies this day.