The Calm Point of View

Chapter 49

Briar has History of Magic first, I have charms. Next, we have Potions together. Then he has Arithmancy followed by Defense Against the Dark Arts. After Potions I have Transfiguration followed by Herbology.

We got to make the Draught of Peace today. Snape told us where to find ingredients and that we had half an hour. Briar and I added all our ingredients in order with our usual perfect timing. There were no variations in this potion. It is very precise and any variation ensures failure. I only mention this because Snape cruelly vanished Potter's Potion using Evanesco before he assigned twelve inches on the properties of moonstone uses in potion making. I swear that Greg's potion was worse since it shattered the vial and set him on fire. I was very amused by this, it made me feel peaceful.

I got to vanish snails in transfiguration, and Herbology was sadly about the properties of Dragon dung as fertilizer. It feels like the smell is still in my hair, ugh.

Today started with dream interpretation in Divination, followed by History of Magic where we learnt about the Giant Wars. After lunch we had our first Defense class.

I am glad that Briar and I were able to learn from Grandfather this summer. No practical magic. That is not how magic should work.

The day ended with Care of Magical Creatures. Draco started by making fun of Potter quietly for once. I am loathe to admit it, but some of the things he said were a slight bit funny, and then he started mocking Hermione as she answered Professor Grubby-Plank.

We got to play with bowtruckles today. Little pixies made of twigs with beetle-like eyes. They like eating fairy eggs but usually eat wood lice. The best part is that they gouge out people's eyes when they are angry. I want a bunch as pets. Briar says he is sure I could find more useful pets since we probably can't train bowtruckles to gouge eyes on command.

Draco mentioned to Potter that Hagrid is messing with things too big for him. It is obvious he is taunting with truth again. I wonder what Mr. Malfoy is telling Draco, and I question Mr. Malfoy's intelligence. Everyone knows that Draco likes to brag about how he knows more than everyone else.

Briar tells me that Potter told off Umbridge and has been coming back around midnight from detention. He can also detect a hint of blood in the air.

I can't help but be torn in my thoughts. It is Potter's fault for telling off a ministry spy. Yet keeping him that late gives him no time for homework and she has been saying that education is important. Umbridge contradicts herself a lot. I mean, not teaching the class practical magic and the keeping Potter for so long. When does the boy sleep?