The Calm Point of View

Chapter 25

It has been several days and Draco has become insufferable, almost as bad as Lockheart. He keeps bragging that his father got Dumbledore sacked, it wasn't until potions that he angered me by saying he hopes the next mudblood dies, and that it is a shame it wasn't Granger.

The git had no clue why I refused to talk to him until he confronted me in the common room.

I did have the tact to bring him to a silent corner before answering. Most were smart enough to realize this may be an unhealthy conversation to overhear and retreated to the dorms.

The common room was actually abandoned, I should get angry more often, it is peaceful.

Now I was angry, but I didn't yell. It was a quiet fire, I almost looked him in the eyes to show him my rage but managed not to.

I mentioned that I had left the library seconds after the two petrified girls had and it really could have been me, it still could. My parents were squibs and no one knows how the victims are chosen. Him saying he hopes the next victim dies is similar to saying he hopes I will die.

I know he felt mildly ashamed and a little more than mildly fearful.

I finished by telling him he could hope for people to die as much as he wanted, but I refuse to even speak to him as long as he feels the need to be less than human.

I know he won't apologize, Malfoy's don't apologize, but I feel better.

The day today had started out so great. Briar said the Mandrakes were almost ready, any day now, and then we heard Professor McGonagall's voice echo throughout the school.

"All students are to return to their house dormitories at once. All teachers return to the staff room. Immediately, please."

That was followed by us getting a notice saying that Hogwarts was going to close. Draco's face fell slightly about then.

Despite what he says I know he doesn't want to go to Durmstang. It is a lot harder to break the rules and get away with his 'mightier than you' attitude there. Here he is the Slytherin Prince, royalty. There he would just be another student, because there they judge you by your talent, not your family.

I remember looking at him and asking if this is what he wanted? He never did answer and I left to help Theo catch his textbook. For some reason it was flying around the common room. I used a bubble charm to help catch it and saw it was a storybook and not a textbook. Theo was red when he quietly said it was a charmed book meant to give stories to match his mood. Since he didn't want to leave it had apparently decided it didn't want to leave either.

I patted him companionably on the back and said not too loudly that maybe there are some charms one shouldn't practice on the books containing the counter spells.

Theo was still embarrassed but not as much as he could have been.

Later when it was quiet I received a thank you note that said he owed me one. It was nice of him to offer, but not practical. We will after all be separating to different schools tomorrow. There is a slight chance of us going to the same school I guess.

I don't understand how things work in this place. First, we are leaving for good, and then we are woken up to go to a feast.

Exams are cancelled and I can't help but wonder how this effects O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. students. Don't they need certain scores in order to make it to the next years courses, or to get into their chosen career paths?

Briar pointed out that Professor McGonagall only said final exams not the special tests. I wonder how long it will take the older students to realize this.

Draco is furious right now and I am listening to him rant while writing this. His father was taken off the school board of governors. I just muttered 'Karma' at him but I don't think he heard me.

"My father only suggested not threatened" and other things like that.

Normally I would tune out Draco's ranting with Briar, but my twin somehow convinced Professor Sprout to part with a baby mandrake and he is cooing at it.

His powers could be deadly if used right, we should take advantage of them more often. We did experiment with his plant control over Yule but not his, pheromones? I think that is the right word.

This Summer we will work on that half of his abilities as well as working on me tuning out emotions.

Looks like we will be arriving at King's Cross in an hour. I should probably try to calm down Draco. The others already ran to other compartments and left me alone.

I think I will shove five or six of Briar's calming candies in his mouth.

Draco would like to know where I got them, he wants a bag to take home.