The Calm Point of View

Chapter 4

Briar had transfiguration first while I had Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Quirrell Smells funny and his emotions give me a headache. He is always quivering without actually quivering or scared without being scared. It is hard to explain in all honesty. The emotions are there but they are empty. He seems terrified of his own shadow, yet he seems to always have two separate emotions. Like if Briar and I were to share a body while remaining as individuals...Even thinking about it afterwards like this gives me a headache.

Next Briar had Defense and he agreed that Quirrell was off his rocker but not much else. I had herbology and I think Briar was trying very hard not to focus through me. I should probably take this time to point out that even though we can listen in to each other as if it was someone having a conversation next to us; when we use our abilities through each other it is essentially leaving our bodies to hang out in our twins with them for a few moments. We have no idea what is going on where we actually are since we are completely encompassed by our twin. So even though I know Briar really wanted to talk to the plants in the greenhouse through me he didn't dare while he was in class with a shady teacher and people that have yet to earn his trust.

We have double potions with the Gryffindors, I think Briar and I are the only ones not upset by this arrangement. I do feel sorry for Hermione though, she knows the answers and is so willing to prove herself; Professor Snape though is ignoring her. I know most of the answers as well, but it is quite obvious that the Professor has it in for Potter. I find it boggling though, for such an open hatred or dislike, it feels like a mask, a very real mask, as if there are conflicting emotions and the hatred is just the only one the Professor is allowing to show. Briar has silently told me to ignore it and let the Professor have his secrets. I agree and look instead to who I am partnered with. Her name is Pansy Parkinson and I can only hope that our partners switch often. Even for something as beginner as a cure for boils; I don't want her to get a good grade that I earn for her. Though I will admit that watching Neville's cauldron melt and people yelp as the contents ate through their shoes was actually amusing enough to get me to smile slightly. That or it was Briar's silent comment asking if laughing hysterically at his own houses mistakes would get him kicked into Slytherin.

I have charms when Briar has herbology. The greenhouse sounds like it is singing through his ears, it is lovely and makes charms seem quite boring in comparison. Grandfather taught us this charm before we came to school. Draco knows the charm as well and since we sat in the back he decided to teach me the wood charm instead. I never told him it was for my bed though. He would tell me to complain to someone, or he would complain for me. I had the charm mastered enough by the end of class to keep my bed together long enough to sneak Briar in that weekend.

It is amusing, Briar tells me that he found a use for all that burn lotion Grandfather sent with us and asks if I will give him my share while we wait for more to arrive from home. When I asked whatever for he told me that there is a Gryffindor that has managed to blow-up everything he has touched with magic. Briar gave the boy his share of the burn lotion earlier and wants mine just in case he ends up sitting next to him in any of the classes.

My first flying lesson was ruined! I am actually angry. Neville took off and broke his wrist or something and Hooch grounded us while she took him to the medical wing. I wanted to scream in frustration. I wanted to fly so badly. I love flying more than anything. Oh, but that wasn't all, no, Draco had to try and show off while making fun of Neville and taking his remembrall to put somewhere high. Potter managed to get it back and look a hero showing up Draco before his head of house appeared and dragged Potter away. I snapped slightly at Draco telling him that Potter only embarrasses him because he makes their fights public. Either way I didn't get to fly and Draco did and my afternoon was ruined because of it. Briar, my lovely twin, picked up on my mood and whenever we were close enough he would get the plants near me to trip students or grab at their things. One plant actually slapped Draco and Draco's reaction to finding out it was a plant was priceless, I couldn't help but cheer up slightly after that. At dinner Draco finally asked why I was upset. I told him that I loved flying and being denied the chance when I was looking forward to it was really a downer. I also said I may have taken out my anger on him slightly since he had actually gotten to fly, and something like flying is freedom. Draco nodded like he understood, and maybe he did. He did always talk about how he played quidditch all the time at home.

Draco had gotten up part way through dinner, I figured he had something else to do but then I saw him coming towards me from the Gryffindor table with a smirk on his face. I had sighed slightly, at least he wasn't angry this time. So, turns out instead of getting in trouble earlier Potter had been given the seeker position on the house team. Draco was upset by this since first year almost never make house team and he wanted to be the youngest seeker. So instead of thinking things through like a rational Slytherin, he challenges Potter to a midnight duel. As happy as I was that he listened when I told him to stop picking fights in public, I still talked him out of it. Draco though can be surprisingly stubborn and he still wanted Potter to get in some trouble. So, he told Filch about it. That would have been fine, but then Draco called in his favor, and Briar says our family always keeps its words and it is my own fault for not setting some conditions.

He is right but I didn't expect Draco to use his favor for something petty and stupid. Briar tells me to stop overestimating people's intelligence. He is right of course. I judge people's intelligence based on my own and Briar's, you would think after three years of muggle school I would have learned, maybe I just wanted wizards to be smarter as a whole then the muggles, it would make sense if you listen to all the blood purists...but maybe that is part of the problem, too much inbreeding.

So, Draco calls in his favor, he actually wants to see Potter and Weasley (Potter's second) get caught. Apparently, he had read a spell somewhere that grants brief invisibility and wants me to help him cast it so that it lasts longer. I told him if he wouldn't tell a soul or get me to teach him, that I could cast a spell that would keep us practically invisible as long as we didn't move. I also told him that if anyone else found out about it that I would vanish his hair when he least expected it. He agreed to my terms fairly quickly after that.

So, all the above madness led to us standing in a cold trophy room waiting for midnight to approach, I couldn't help but think that sleeping would be far superior to standing here waiting for something that may not actually happen. I was thinking of telling Draco to give it up and that they had probably already been caught when not only Potter and Weasel burst into the room but also Hermione and Neville. I seriously thought Hermione was smarter than that, but it was around the point when she was telling them she told them so and that Draco was too chicken to show up, I had to physically stop Draco from revealing himself and whispered that Slytherins are cunning not stupid.

Then Filch and Mrs. Norris showed up. The four Gryffindors had heard a door open and had just barely made it through the opposite door when Filch came in. It wasn't hard to guess where they had gone and he quickly followed after. Mrs. Norris though came closer, sniffing at the air.

She knew we were there and if we tried to hex her I know Filch would be on us too quickly. I looked at Draco and very quietly whispered directly into his ear that at my signal we bolt to the common room. Draco nodded and I hoped my foolish plan would work.

When Mrs. Norris was almost directly in front of us I yelled for Shadow. Draco ran and strangely my cat actually appeared on top of Mrs. Norris.

They started to scuffle and I quickly ran after Draco catching up just outside our common room. When we were safe inside he looked at me and demanded to know what kind of summoning charm that was.

I pointed at my purring cat in front of the fireplace, she had done well and knew it, and since she knew it she wanted a treat. Which I promptly gave her 3 of before she affectionately butted her head against mine and faded out.

Draco stared at the spot my cat had just vanished from. I felt sorry for the poor boy and explained that my cat can appear and disappear as she pleases and that we were lucky she actually came when I called for once.

Before Draco could ask any questions, I told him we had classes in the morning and we should go to bed soon so that we won't sleep through breakfast. Then I shoved him towards his dorms before turning and heading to mine. I was tired and not looking forward to casting my usual charms to make sure my bed was trap free. So, when I saw Shadow peacefully asleep on my pillow I trusted her judgment that it was safe and laid down right next to her, not even bothering to change out of my robes or crawl under the covers.

I learned I had been wrong about my cat's judgment when I woke up in the medical wing.